Angel Number 29/Confirmation Number 29

Internal Wisdom: Clairvoyance, Cartomancy, Prophecy, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairaudient: Angel Number 29 Asks you to release what has never been enough inside yourself. Release all critical thoughts about yourself. It is also confirmation that some presence in your life is about to leave your spirit, mind + body. Sometimes the greatest oppressor is the one from within. What burdens have you longed to release?

The best time is NOW. There is no need waiting for the moon to change or the sun to rise. Take control of your life. What is on the outside of you, has no power unless you put it upon whatever it seeks to rise upon. The Tabernacle will only stand tall with YOU as it’s structure.

That is why it feels overbearing. You must take caution, the emotions or phases you sign up for permanently as some of them can’t be removed until you will it away yourself. Making you your own opponent.

Angelic Channeling: 29 Is Confirmation that someone is exiting your life on a relationship level, As you move on you find that their absence or leaving is for your good. Although unknown to them. Keep moving forward.

Intuitive Tip: Dance is a natural form of expelling. Think good spirits + think great enough.


The Supernatural Healer

Thanks for sharing so kindly + With All Due respect.

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