Angel Number 30/ Confirmation Number 30

Internal Wisdom: Claircognizance, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Holistic Therapy: Thirty is symbolic for within or the need to meditate for Some answers. The need to seek inner guidance, the need to connect with the ultimate mind. God, the universe or higher powers. Cultivate your inner frequencies.

Employ your inner guide, spirit guides, angelic Beings or higher Power. You are a part of a circle or philosophy now. Never forget that anything possible + available is also within you.

You are applauded as you look into your research + with internal wisdom. As you are manufactured with a specific purpose, to face specific challenges with specific solutions and specific blessings. Number thirty age-wise signifies that angels and higher help are walking with you during this phase in your life. 30 As a birth year 1830’s etc signifies that they will be with you throughout your lifetime.

Angelic Communication: They ask you not to worry as although assistance is near you may have a tendency to accommodate anxiety along the path. When there is no need to.  Thirty is symbolic for you to pay attention to loving guidance to pull down your wall and open up. They also ask you to not feel a need to be victimized in order to be Heard by a higher power. Release any thoughts + memories of being a victim + see your situation as simply ships passing over the seas. You cannot stay one course to long either. Help is on the way.

Intuitive Conclusion: Take note of your thinking at this time. The angels are listening to you. Focus on praying for things + their betterment not on what it looks like. Thirty is symbolic for reaching the light at the end of a tunnel. So if you have gone through a situation you’ll come out much wiser now. If you are set to go through something know that it will be for your good. “It’s all going to work together for your good”.

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Keep illuminating the way.

– Quornesha, The Supernatural Healer

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