Octopus Symbolic Meaning

Octopus in art, visions, dreams, flashes, is symbolic for success and power in many ways. The Octopus can also symbolize a sense of humor. A creative period. It is an auspicious sign for artists of every kind. It can also be symbolic for some creative opportunities on the way. It is also for some recognition of some kind.

The octopus frequency is asking you ahead of time to be receptive and open for the news that is forthcoming. Great things/news now forthcoming when this Power animal crosses your path. The Favor received is immeasurable.

When you feel stretched beyond your limits, often it is confirmation, when the octopus appears, that whatever you’re doing is working. Do not take any steps backward. This is your journey, whose voice vitally matters? If you question any decisions you need to make at this time, should you really be doing what you’re inquiring about?

The Octopus as a power animal, means that there is a lot of work for you to do. And you can get it done in a very efficient matter. The octopus will not trust easily as his or her ability can often be unmatched. Which can come off to others as all knowing. Only when ego is authority presently, will it feel intimidating. Rest the ego. Never lower your frequency to allow anyone else to cross over. Great leaders, have faith that anything low will find it’s way up, with or without a little of personal assistance.

Keep your power at it’s peak, if you put out the flame to see where you began it could be difficult to reignite it at it’s full illumination. Accept all gifts so that you may elevate as their are many levels of power and never a limitation except only those you believe you deserve to put up with. Pat your own self on the back as you receive even when you hear it from others. Remember that this is your journey, no one has the power to deter you lest you allow it in front of you to block your present course.

-Quornesha, The Supernatural Healer

Thanks for sharing so kindly with all due respect. 

All rights reserved.

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