Cattail Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S., Psychic Medium  

Victory Is Mine: Cattails are symbolic for Victory, In mind, body & spirit. It can also symbolize the need to reflect on the inside or to do some inward cleansing, ritual of some sort. Cattails are symbolic for friendship & allies, who will not only be of great company but of great guidance also.

Relationships: Depending upon your relationship at the time you visualize, come across/see in photos, paintings, near ponds/water. It is time to acknowledge how far you have traveled along that journey you have learned so much from as it is safe to move on. However if you have been in a long term friendship it is quite often a question; How far do you wish to go in order to release what has ran it’s course already?

Our fears of past failures or mistakes: Many of us believe that failure is a reality but it is actually the opposite. Failure is simply obstacles, you have overcome, it only seems like you “failed” because there may or may not have been any visual success. You should probably look on the inside. That may be your key to acknowledging that you have actually succeeded in a way. You never “work hard” for nothing.

Metaphor: In a sense when you have obtained something the easy way, it is often difficult to maintain. When it was difficult to obtain then comes the “easy” part. But then nothing is actually easy it is just delightful & a relief to actually achieve the goal.

Take time to heal: It is important to set aside some time to heal: Detox your spirit.

Some articles can help you with detoxing: New Normal Letting Go

Cattails Message: You have reached completion of a chapter & it is safe to release now. Cattails may also be symbolic for rescuing animals or serving humanity in some way to help them break free into a new world.

Symbolic Note: Cattails rise above water. Listen to the urgency to get things done. As this is a reminder that You ARE ready to make these changes.

The sun is going to shine and you’ll be able to let go completely.

Psychic Note: Often cattails are cut down, Once the water subsides. Think of your situation in comparison to the cattails. This feeling that you are being pulled from, what you have known for years and into the unknown. Allow it to lead your instincts, but remain in control of where you wish to go.

The trepidation associated with change: Cattails are symbolic of angst. But also a very beautiful omen of change. You are asked to trust the final outcome. Cattails suggest the need to hold on a little while longer.  Something beautiful awaits. You are stepping aside in perfect timing and all will go according to plan.

Intuitive Conclusions: While There’s energy in you waiting to breakthrough. It cannot burst through the seams just yet.

This has been a test of your faith.  But it is only going to take you higher. \

There is a time and a  season, for all things.


Quornesha S.

4 Prophetic Sessions + Reiki + Healing

Thanks for sharing so Kindly with the world & with all due respect to the Author. 



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