Angel Number 26/Confirmation Number 26

Internal Wisdom: Angel number 26 Is confirmation for Acknowledgement, Recognition, Fame, Accolade, Celebrity. When you are doing according to your purpose + passions it is recognized & acknowledged so that you can perform at a much bigger capacity. 26 Is also in relation to that of Harmony, Balance & Stability within the home, mind, body & spirit.

Any recognition received is so that you can be elevated to do more good throughout all humanity. When your goal is publicity or you work in it, be certain that the way in which you promote your intentions are clear. Unless it will only work on behalf of that which is hollow. When you want it, have a purpose, there is nothing to profit based on fame alone.

Moving ahead we must use our platforms very wisely.

As a world we must look at the bigger picture when we are consuming what is being conveyed through message or Television. Who are you listening to? Take a deep breath and look beyond the person & into their personality. The way in which they approach the world may be based upon who they are astrologically or personality-wise.

You need to show the world who you are not necessarily who you wish to be. It is Vital that we bring our inner selves to the surface.

Angelic Channeling: Angel Number 26, Asks you to acknowledge yourself & take extra attention to it & to take into your awareness how it reacts in certain situations IF YOU don’t like what you see don’t bring that awareness into the world based only on entertaining it. Even the funniest people share something insightful That is their purpose to speak truth with hilarity. You must do this for yourself in the same capacity.

Intuitive Conclusion: If you want fame, Seek inward peace first then as you obtain it in the nano seconds go before the millions & thousands. Speak peace over yourself you’re illuminating the way for others. Don’t poison people, empower them. You can empower others without airing any personal issues. Life will never be perfect, yet, that isn’t why you have stepped up onto such a platform.

With Love + Light & Fire,

Psychic Consultant Quornesha S.

Thanks for sharing so kindly with all due respect to the author.

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