Angel Number 25/ Confirmation Number 25

Internal Wisdom: Some things are only meant to take you through something, not bring you through it. Be cautious. When we go through changes & transitions it is important to see ourselves for who we are, not what we are being labeled. Good or bad. It does not really exist. It just is. It is important that when you are sent a message through your abilities to not allow your mind to digest it without first checking the source. Knowing for sure.

You must be certain that if it is a challenge it will bless you (bring you through) [as a  blessing] that it will actually bless you). There is nothing at all wrong with trusting but you must be sure of it. Otherwise you face things not really intended for you to go through but to be aware of it’s existence.

You only have to face what you need to.

Divine Channeling: 25 Is confirmation that you will face some transitions & their purpose is to bring fortunate events into your life. Whenever there is a moment you do not see the light you are traveling in the wrong direction. Get on the right path. That is the purpose of this spiritual movement involved with the number 25. So that you will get out of your own way, and expel what no longer fits your true purpose.

Intuitive Conclusion: We can take as many actions as we want to, but if it is not aligned with the soul purpose it is only a lesson or more lessons not necessarily vital towards our purpose. Everything you face brings you to victory in some way. Even if it is not as you may have hoped. If it only takes you through it & you see yourself falling & not coming out of it. It is not for you. Remember we fall down but at some point you get back up, you have to shake off this lesson as it was not a battle you were meant to fight. Get out of the way.

If you can see trouble, listen to it, you don’t have to guard yourself if you’re not trying to face it. Face what you need to only. Just because anyone else is having a dispute with others doesn’t mean you have to.

Facing what you need to doesn’t feel like such a burden. It is when we are carrying loads ego decided to bring along for the ride. Check your emotions. Check your ego. Be cautious what you channel. You are intended to break-THROUGH not continue to break down. When you’re already down the only way is up from there.

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Quornesha S.

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I am grateful that I recognize my battles. I know what I need to face + I face what I need to with courage.

Intuitive Tip: Create some affirmations today that you will make a certain effort to live by & not only speak by. xoxo Quornesha S. 2/17/2015

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  1. tamlynshawwrites

    I have been seeing this number EVERYWHERE! And have been contemplating walking away from a stable career course that no longer give me joy and I don’t see a future in..maybe this is my sign to walk away and not look back. Wow this is basically exactly what I needed to hear thank you 🙂 OneLove


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