Angel Number 23/Confirmation Number 23

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Medium 

Angel Number 23 Asks you to Raise your vibration higher above every offense. You will excel even if it is just you. Meet the vibrations of your angels. Stay in their loving presence. The Highest vibration is that of love. Take the time needed to recollect, rephrase or redirect your thoughts, & Intentions & Move on.

The number 53 May appear as confirmation that you have the power to remove these obstacles with your words. You are not bound. It is time to transmute what you see for your benefit, with the assistance of the angels. Things will go up from here. Do not descend. Keep climbing. It’s your time now.

When a frequency or person enters your space with a source of lowness or negativity or offense, stay on a side that is most loving…Bring yourself to their level, and you will take a seat parallel to them in their lessons. Neither knows better if they react the same, scream the same, rant the same, curse the same. Both frequencies would then be asked to take a seat by higher powers & ascended masters to learn from their mistakes.

They may know the struggle, the blessing, but they do not know WHO YOU ARE. We only know ourselves. There is so much to learn from ourselves. You cannot change other people if you’re flawed (& This we all are, until we ascend into a heavenly/higher form/conscious as a whole). We can lead, teach & heal, but it is up to the person if they want a change. Keep your mind & person distant from what can taint or drain your energy & deflate your frequencies.

You’ll know you have been ‘affected’ if you do not feel content. Spend time in nature, allow the forces of your aura to heal any pain that may have been attracted through transitions & Frequencies.

When things are taking place karmic-wise (being repaid in kind or by lesson) Accept it & move on. Be cautious, use your time & wisdom, wisely, DISCERN. When you fight a lesson, YOU’RE up next, when you argue how right you are or how wrong someone else is…YOU’RE next in line. So just breathe & move on. You’re speaking your prophecy, If you have prepared the way for others, you have prepared it for yourself also. Keep blessing yourself in times of vital need.

Angel number number 23 Is a sign of The Ascended Masters, Deities Or Angelic guides. Sending a loving message that you are not alone through this change. Also as confirmation that they have held your hand through these changes, & that now you have come to the completion of a transition in your life.

As you move forward continue to apply your truths & beliefs in every situation. 23 Is a sign of Divine Assistance with your work, they will also provide to you the resources or those who will be able to help you along the way in order for you to fully live & serve your purpose. It’s impossible to keep up with negative frequencies or people & stay focused also.

When you find that your emotions are negative change to that of love. It is with love that you access everything else. Moon phases, what’s happening in the world has nothing to do with what is happening to you. It is YOU. This is your flawed self coming to the surface (customer service center) to be repaired.

If you find that you cannot love the people around you get up and move around, share your love with someone you can truly care for. In order to receive it must first be TRULY given FIRST. Your life will always be a reflection of what you believe. If you need more materialistic things or a lack thereof it will produce more. Until you change the mechanism of the conveyor belt. (Your Mind).

You cannot call anyone or anything bad, what you are. It’s not  possible to excel on platforms you complain about. You can not become more of a genius by degrading anyone else for what they do & how they do it. If you complain about a social media platform, get off until you feel better about it.

You attract to yourself like bees to honey what you believe most about.

Ascended masters & Divine wants you to be well & excel. If you hate others because of what they have you will never achieve it yourself because you have created a hate for it. Therefore a wall has risen in a place where only love should have been to begin with.

Don’t descend when you’re flying high. Get it out of your way, leap over your obstacles. They’re beneath you once you choose to see it that way. Angel number Twenty Three is Favorable. Be content with your favor. Salt & Salt cannot speak of which bundt cake the other was used in. It does not matter.


Quornesha S.

4 Prophetic Sessions & Healing 

Thanks for Sharing So Kindly & With All due Respect to the Author .

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5 thoughts on “Angel Number 23/Confirmation Number 23

  1. This is the best explanation I’ve found for 23. I understand why I’ve seen it so often. My marriage, which is ending, is based on 23s. I see now why that is. Thank you so much for this valuable insight.


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