The Symbolic Meaning of Jellyfish

Jellyfish are symbolic for faith and favor, experiencing a breakthrough. In whatever form necessary. Often something is required as an offering to remove a blockage such as your inner wisdom or your time. Nothing gets planted if a man chooses to keep his seeds in his pockets. Resting on them hoping that they’ll turn into some sort of financial gain.

That isn’t how it works. Great things come when you don’t hold onto the anointing. It was meant to flow.When it is withheld it is a sign to the Universe that you need it in some way. You never keep doves caged during a memorial, you release them. You grieve. time passes and you move on.

It’s a cycle and circle of infinite wisdom. Very often we find that what was given we needed it also, but as you empower, you’re being empowered. You must be willing to plant your seeds, don’t lose your faith. Faith is planting not in hoarding.

The Jellyfish reminds us that we are about to experience a Breakthrough. Also symbolic for public speaking and allowing your message to flow like water. Be faithful. Had you experienced a blockage of any sort, know that you’re about to break-free and break-through. Remember to send out joy and good intentions when you see a flowing of energy. Don’t lose your head.

It’s important to shift when any negative frequencies flow our way. State a positive intention and move on. You do not have to carry anyone’s emotions with you. That’s their journey and their path. We are subject to change, we are subject to change our minds. We are subject to follow our own inner lead. & Not to allow anyone to deter us from how we do things in the world. You find yourself trapped when your intention is to make the world around you comfortable but never yourself. It’s time to shine.

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo

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xoxo 88

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