Iguana Symbolism

Iguanas are symbolic for paying attention to the details, using every intuitive ability there is to discern. In fact when the iguana appears in your meditations, dreams, or flashes. You are intuitive and this foretells activation to another level of power in your abilities. You need to discern and tap into which area or niche your gift is from.

If you’re simply intuitive you may find that much interests you. If you’re financially intuitive you may find that you’re drawn to business, real estate etc.

The iguana also appears as notification that new insights have risen for your betterment. It is important to always look within to find yourself as no one on the external plane can guide you to the source that is infinite within you.

If you’re signing any contracts or forming one, the Iguana asks you to be mindful of all parties involved and to make decisions that are most beneficial to all. As whether or not anything is binding trouble may brew from it later on.

It is important to read the details. As all is of great importance especially when an arrangement is being made. When you are the one providing the signature think of your long term goals or future. Even if something is for an season or time, it may be of benefit when you overlook it with instinct and discernment.

Set fears aside and go after whatever it is you’ve sought after for so long. There’s no need for toiling or procrastination especially when the answer to your prayers are right in front of you. You must be mindful and apply intelligence, stay grounded in your final decisions.

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo

All rights reserved

4 Prophetic sessions and Healing

Thanks for sharing so Kindly and with respect to the author. 


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