Flamingo Symbolism

Flamingos are resonance and radiant beacon lights of love and companionship. It stands as confirmation for us to trust our journey with those we have chosen to spend it with. They are confirmation for us to continue trusting our partnerships and relationships with those around us.

Love may have been a specific request or intention we have made out into the Universe. And so it is then reflected in the people around us as captivation and reflections of the soul. If the people around us are not people we resonate with we are asked to change our intentions or thought patterns. When you do not like what you see manifesting. It’s time for an deep inward change.

Flamingos are also signs of healing for their pink coloring. They are signs of harmony and renewal of spirit. As the spirit changes, things around you begin to shift. A renewal of the mind and heart. As you express kind and loving thoughts through affirmations or declarations you realize how your body, mind and spirit will be willing to catch up.

Positive is so attractive. Speak well of yourself. Don’t judge yourself so that others can’t hurt you in doing so. Change your focus and begin believing how beautiful and intelligent you are. No one will do for you what you’re unwilling to do for yourself.

In a sense, Flamingos are about self love. As you begin to feel joy in your own presence, people become interested and will wonder why you’re smiling and what your happiness is derived from. Keep grateful and loving thoughts about yourself and the people around you will become grateful and loving to.

As you are willing to change you may notice that some people leave your life. Don’t think too much about why or what. Just let them be. And know that as you change, so does your reflection.

The people around you are a reflection of you somehow, they will remain until you eradicate your stubborn will to change or accept.

Change is good, I am more open than anything to change. I find that I am willing to eradicate thoughts or thought patterns by the shifting of my energy and my mind. I open myself towards the possibilities. I face whatever I need to face with a loving, open, supportive heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. If I see something I do not like about anyone, I can easily forgive. I feel non-judgement. I am non-judgement. Life is a reflection of a great soul, me. I am experiencing the good of me daily.

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo

all rights reserved ©

4 Prophetic Sessions. 

Please share as you wish, with all do respect to the author. 

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