Light House Symbolism

To see a light house in your dreams, paintings, flashes or meditations. Is sign for you to follow that inner voice and fully shine your light into the world. As you do so, you find that the inner love being reflected outward is rewarded back to you multiplied for your benefit/gain.

When you do things with focus of only gaining you lose sight of purpose and find yourself disappointed or discontent with whatever you have gained in the process. You must do things from your heart and from the Divine inward source. Your light and love.

Commit to your passions. Commit and contribute to causes you actually care about.

Real love will give without ever expecting something in return. But wisdom knows how to invest also. When you use discernment and wisdom, you act, not on emotion or what you’re being told about anything, but your inner basic instinct.

Instinct is the road to stability on all levels. Because, no matter how much someone tells you of something you move on how you’re guided not how you’re told. Being told to do something is largely different than guidance. When you’re being guided the actions to take feels right.  Because it has come from a source you can trust or have entrusted.

Illuminate where and how you see that inner vision. Sometimes faith requests that not only you move forward even when you don’t see the whole staircase but to allow others the same courtesy. If they cannot clearly see what and why you’re doing it. Don’t judge. Keep faith and stick with your convictions. Clarity is often revealed with hindsight especially when others cannot see what and why you’re building your bridge.

It took courage to start/ begin, it may take courage to finish it. But whatever it is you need, you are provided.

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo

All rights reserved ©

4 Personal prophetic sessions and Healing

Please share as you wish, and thank you, with all due respect to the author. 

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