Power starts with you. It is your investments and actions that do the rest. @qanauelv

Citrine will be the most powerful tools and investments you will make this year. However you must recognize that it isn’t in the stone that what you desire will come about, but within yourself. When you begin to believe that it is some external resource responsible you’d become disappointed in the why your belief or effort in it has not come about as quickly as you’d hoped.

Take inspired action always.

Place citrine stones in areas where you receive the most calls or activity. It is also great to carry with you. Especially if your life path is in resonance with 8.

YOU are the person responsible for your outcome. Citrine, is simply a tool to assist in the transition not as a priority or focal point you’d put all your energy hoping in.

Think more positively about what you are attracting into your life. You must remember to be very specific in what you wish to attract.

Use affirmations and a vision board. 

Create your miracles in the 26 Days of Miracles Movement. You simply make declarations of your desires. You let them go once you have done so. Tune into your intuitive ability to find creative ways that are beneficial to you.

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo 

All rights reserved. ©

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