Angel Number 15| Confirmation Number 15

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Egyptian Healer+Medium: The number fifteen is in relation to material wealth and abundance. Be careful with asking higher powers for what you want, believe him for all that you need.

There is one thing my dreams have taught me, is that what you want will show up but you have to believe him to supply beyond your desires. If you desire a mansion on the top of the hill, or to have silver and Gold. You can have it all. This mantra is one of my personal favorites and has been channeled as reference to something that means so much to me.

If you need a show to get your business going believe him to provide it for you. But believe him that you will be able to supply for not only yourself but plenty of others.

Some people claim that they’d rather have a higher power than be rich or in a high social position. But it takes wealth to make wealth. You cannot allow anyone to deter you from your vision. As this is your authentic dream, casting it away so that you will be able to fit in is called conforming.

If you wish to lose the weight, go for it. Everything you want go get it. The number 15 supports you as it represents favor and new beginnings. It is in resonance with the number six. Six is about material gain, or the material and earthly realms. If you want a more passionate and loving sex life. Claim it, but you have to act right and believe that the person willing to fulfill your desires in this capacity will show up.

The magic is belief. So beyond your faith and what you believe about God, let go of the habit or thought that in order to serve him you have to sacrifice your thoughts or own happiness to make it into some holy place in your after life. Heaven is a place called earth. Come down to it and live while you’re here. You won’t be left out. Believe as your soul is requesting you to believe. Let go and let the soul light the way. Let your ego and mind step aside. In this moment you can have anything. Be faithful to others, you’ll gain more.

You don’t have to put down your dreams to believe in a higher power, you’re worth what you’re asking him for. You’re worthy of it.

I deserve what I am asking for and what I am believing the universe for. Greater shall I have. greater shall I be.

xoxo Quornesha S.

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  1. Michele Delmonico

    Hi Quornesha ! The angels sent me number 15 back in September. When I read your interpretation of Angel Number 15, I was thrilled to know, blessings of material wealth and abundance will soon flow into my life. I have been praying for this to happen to me for a very long time…..Now, I truly believe i will receive, it’s just a matter of Divine Timing.

    Thank you for all that you do for others, Quornesha ! I always enjoy your interpretations….they clear some of the “air” for me.


    Michele Delmonico, M.Ed. (April 16, 2018)


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