Turkey Vulture Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Medium, Intuitive, Certified Life Coach, Certified Reiki-Crystal Reiki-Animal Reiki Master Teacher I, II & III, Egyptian Healer, Shaman, Hoodoo Priestess, Voodoo & Obeah Practitioner, Channeler and So Much more| To see Turkey Vultures in your waking life, dreams, visions, synchronicities or otherwise, you will need to pay very close attention to your surroundings. If you feel you have ‘trust “issues” these are valid and justified for many reasons. You have friends or individuals around you that don’t deserve your trust and you should not be naive or gullible to be so easily manipulated or satisfied with your inner circle. Friends or closeness with others isn’t for everyone.


The only person to which you can truly count on is yourself. And this is due to your empathic ability. You can feel the vibrations of others and determine whether or not if they are keeping it real or being authentic with you. GO WITH those feelings and if your body, mind and soul is telling you to say no or not to go somewhere with someone, then listen, listen, listen. As you will be avoiding any dangers that may lie in wait for you.

Pay attention to the surrounding signs and images, as these will also confirm the symbolism of the turkey vultures. Vultures by nature, are predators of any and all things that they feel they can get their hands on. If in any synchronicity you find that the turkey vultures, move out of your way to allow you to pass, know that any enemy/foe, whether known or secretive, can bring to you NO harm!

You must be aware of your spiritual and physical diet, and be sure to fix your own food or to keep a watchful eye whenever you are dining out. Develop a naturalness to your instincts and only dine in places you know or feel you can trust. Be sure that if you can see something negative forthcoming to listen. In order to avoid the traps of false friends and even family. Not everyone you know is for you. And that is that naked truth. The minute you begin to think you can trust, you realize you cannot. This doesn’t mean you can’t trust anyone at all. I am only telling you to beware of how easily you can trust. Trust isn’t free, it must be earned. And you need to begin testing friendships to be sure they can stand the ‘test’ of time.

The Turkey Vulture arrives a warning sign, that you need to look after your health, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise. As things are not always what they seem. It’s not easy for you to be around specific individuals vs, it’s easy for you to determine if you feel comfortable around others, because your feelings are usually almost always right. That is your instinct and you must listen and beware of those who are arriving in your life unsolicited. Without you even desiring.

As a spiritual seeker or trailblazer, you cannot be in the presence of a negative person. It just doesn’t mix or mend well. Be sure to clear energies. And know that all things have a specific purpose and everyone in life has an agenda, even you, whether it is positive or negative. Be sure you can handle that of others, and when you cannot, leave them alone. You are not responsible for the character in others. When you notice Turkey Vultures Flying high, it is a sign of illness, if they are sitting medium/mid-length an illness has passed or you have avoided some trouble. If the vultures are sitting low, it is a sign that something or someone in your life will or already has come to an end and this is without reconciliation.

Everything will come full circle in your life, and be grateful for the death of anything that isn’t in alignment with purpose or positivity. The Turkey Vulture is also a sign that you should use gifts that God has bestowed upon you and not allow those goals or dreams to die with you. So then it is a reminder that you need to get going and shine your light. The Turkey vulture has a positive aspect if only you’re willing to see it. It is about letting go. So, if there is any fear blocking or stopping you or any other negative thought forms, habits or otherwise, it is time to surrender them. As an old phase is passing away to make space, time and opportunity for the new. So, let go of recoursing past actions, failures, and mistakes, and most of all, forgive yourself. You are allowed to make mistakes and to fail also as much as you succeed. Not that you will fail, but you’re only human, and you don’t always learn from one way or the other.

Blessings & Ase,


Quornesha S. Lemon 

Priestess of High Order 

Intuitive Life Coach 8

Thanks for understanding that, as a Priestess, I do not appreciate, thieves, liars, and backstabbers. So to visit this page or any other content on this site/email/page for the purpose of Inhabiting/taking/infringing on what does not rightfully belong to you is to provide permission to work against you with the spirits to bring justice to the situation as they see fit. Always acknowledge the rightful owners of this website and all other writings from the author and may you be blessed for doing so.

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  1. Michelle Toland

    Thank you for your insight, on the Turkey Vulture. Much of what you stated has truth for me. Though I still seek the reason my Turkey Vulture literally came out of nowhere. Landed just ahead of me, on a guard rail. As I drove by, it stood tall, spread it’s wings out in full, then bowed it’s head at me. It was awe inspiring.


  2. Shanica Hargis

    Thank you so much I saw 2 perching high on a water tower that looks like a old well looking up towards the sky so I immediately started googling and I was reading another article and my phone reloaded and your site popped up and it was so on point I had to acknowledge thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Diane

    Thank you for the insight. Sometimes when I am driving and really praying out a serious life changing event, suddenly I see 3 turkey vultures circling right in front of me. It started 31 years ago, never in the same city. It’s comforting and yet confusing sometimes.


  4. Meg

    Earlier this week, as I was following someone along a trail, an Eagle swooped down and flew right above him in the direction we were going. He pointed it out to me and I saw it as it was disappearing over the trees. Then, just a few steps later he sees a fox running ahead of us, down the same path, in the same direction as the eagle.
    I immediately looked up and saw a buzzard in the trees beside me. I wonder if it means something “more” that I saw it right after his two sightings. They were all three within a minutes time.


  5. Josephine Mackenzie

    Wow! This message of turkey vulture really resonated with me. Thank you for the clarification. I wish I had known that the birds I saw 2 years ago were warning me. I couldn’t identify the bird at the time but realized what they were today. There were many lessons learned with this now realized vulture type “friend”. I now know better.


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