Angel-Confirmation Number 844

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Shaman, Author, Transpersonal Life Coach| with Abilities in Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Mediumship, & Credentials in Animal Communication, Healing, Egyptian Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Hoodoo Practitioner, And so much more| Angel number 844 is a message that you will be pleased with forthcoming results. Whether this is an exam, certification, or new credential your even any education you are planning, you will notice that things will shift in a beautiful way.

Hypnotherapy-Reiki Session

A hypnotherapy Reiki session uses the combination of Reiki and hypnotherapy. Which both I am qualified in via ability and certifications to perform. This will assist you in getting rid of habits via a distance approach. Working on habits through healing and soul coding. This will be a 30-minute session depending on the purpose.


There are beautiful results ahead, specifically just for you. Even though you notice signs, and they end up not being about you, you should stay motivated and continue to work diligently. It doesn’t always have to be about you, however, it is about you, everything you see. As you see things for others, it is also for you. You are next in line for whatever positive and sometimes negative things you see about others. Remember that all things happen in patterns. And good things happen in threes. And all things have a purpose.

If you are doing spiritual work for others, even if it is positive, remember you need to shield yourself, so that you remain balanced. And so that you do not become a carpet for the problems or issues of others. Use your intuitive measures and be sure that every project you take on is a project you feel is worth it. It doesn’t matter if it is a small project or even a large project. You deserve to use your strengths and to do things that empower you.

If there is a disease in your body, you don’t allow that disease to simply take over. And even though statistics may ‘prove’ you are at odds…Divine can and shall grant the power to defeat all the odds…all the dis-ease…all of the enemies…all of the haters…all of the plans wrought against you…Stand in battle and do not lose your head. Don’t allow the enemy to become your disease. Take back your power.

Candle Service

I can do a basic candle service for finances, health, spiritual power, well being, relationship or otherwise. Please provide instructions and contact information, or I will not be able to complete your order. You agree to the no refund cancellation policy and others.


The Number 844 is an answer to a prayer you have been praying for quite some time. You should look forward to changes and blessings occurring on the home-front. Be ready to shift, and feel empowered. And be on the lookout for steady income in your life associated with your spiritual accolades or abilities.

8+4+4=16 & 1+6=7 The Number 7 Resonates with Spirituality, Mysticism, Belief, Faith and more. You can look forward to a miracle or miracles happening on your behalf very soon. Whether this is related to your finances, career, Homelife, business, practice, education, marriage/relationship or all/part of these. Such blessings are happening within you and you can feel it. Which is why you have been feeling rather different lately. Things aren’t the same within yourself, so, the outside has to change also. You are your own mirror and the outside world *yours*, has to reflect what is already on the inside.

The Angel of Miracles is around you. You can ask for anything you want. But, rather than wishing loosely, be sure to ask only for what you truly want. You will be receiving blessings and blessed encounters. When you are asked how can I be of service or how many, or how much, ask with an abundant mindset. You will receive good things and encounters, be sure to feel humble and proud of your efforts as you deserve it.

Angel Readings

I can perform an angel number reading for you. This includes a decoding of angelic messages through dreams, visions, numbers, synchronicities or otherwise. 15 Minute reading. Your angels can consist of higher powers, loved ones who look over you, or elemental guides.


Remember, everything you want and need has to begin on the inside first, and the rest of the world around you will follow suit. This doesn’t particularly mean you will get others to follow what is best for you. But that you will begin to shape your own world. Do not let others deter you from your present path. Only you know what life you would like to live. There are no specific rules to follow in your own trueness. Because it is what works for you and not others. Bust every myth you know places a constraint on whatever you may be doing in this world. Continue to brilliantly shine your light and blessings and all of this shall be added to you. It’s a part of your destiny, in this lifetime. Be yourself and true to your needs always. Don’t allow anyone or anything to get in the way of your trueness. May Divine Bless you, bless yourself and bless your path.



Quornesha S. Lemon 

Sacred Spirit Shaman™

The Prophetic Life Coach 

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The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, you’re more than welcome to book a session.  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©
Quornesha S. Lemon
Multi-Dimensional Spiritual Professional
Rituals| Reiki| Rootwork

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