Roadrunner Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon aka Powerful Mystic 8: The Road runner, when it appears in your physical world, dreams and visions, or synchronicity is a sign of ending to delays, halts, fallbacks and setbacks. You will find that things will move forward at this time in your life.

You will begin to feel really successful in the coming months as things appear to turn from worst to better. We have all chosen our own paths. We are to be people of courage and power, rather than being influenced and targeted by the outside realms and worlds.

You have great power surrounding you, This is not a time to ‘take rest’. Do not apologize for your authenticity. Knowing that as you change and evolve, those who claim to love you will be proven accurate or inaccurate, both in relations and friends. The roadrunner is a sign of speediness and doing things in an efficient manner.

If you have recently made an intention whether out loud, in thought, prayer or feeling to the universe that you are ready to end any procrastination, waiting periods, hiatuses, etc. You are supported. This should tell you, “the roadrunner” that you are on the right path and you have more power and authority than you realize.

The Roadrunner is a sign of Epiphany, Illumination and that something in your life has been healed on the spiritual and physical levels. The road runner, is sign to the completion of a phase, transformation or goal in life. You can now move forward to new and greater horizons.  You have nothing to worry about. Divine is concerned about all that you have been through and the lessons that you brought you to where you are right now in your life.

Divine has spoken on something in your life and whatever he has done on your behalf in the spirit world, no one can touch, no being can alter or undo. You may feel as though you are wasting your efforts in your situation, but Divine says, “Stay in the race”. Just keep on running. You are to use incredible affirmations. The roadrunner reminds you to hang only with ‘your ideal crowd of people’. As you are aware of bull S**T and can spot a mile a minute, so to speak. If something doesn’t feel right, then it isn’t.  Always ask questions, and do not fear offending anyone, as you are only here in this lifetime, ONCE!

It shows in your character that you are majestic and royalty. Whether in the spirit realm and world or here in this lifetime. You are highly respected and your advice comes highly noted. Divine walks with you personally, you can feel Divine, you can see Divine…You can sense, taste and smell Divine’s presence. This works to your favor.

You are to keep moving forward and fear not of anyone burning the bridges around you. You have the abilities to fly where you wish to fly, soar as high as you wish to soar. You know who you are now. And the difficulties are beneath you now. Often times, you appear or feel weak, not so that it is a test to you, but to test the will of those around you and to see where their hearts’ truly at with regards to their ‘loving’ words.

As things have expired, and lost hope in the past, things will begin and you will feel a pleasure in life again from every aspect. Stay in your lane, learn all that you can about who you are and why you are here, in order to awaken to your potential. You are strong for a reason and nothing can truly harm you. It can only intend, powerlessly.

As situations come to a conclusion, move forward and appreciate the coming gifts that will take it’s place, no matter who or what it is…

You truly are blessed, and you bless the world by being here in this time and space. Never forget your place, which is of a Higher order than you might think. No matter how small or grand your world may be. Always look to the high powers when others or something fails you. Divine dearly and deeply respects you and loves you, after all he created you for a very special reason. No Danger can dare harm you, as you are under the power and Protection of the Divine New Order for your life. Watch and see.

Namaste & Blessings,

Quornesha S. Lemon

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17 thoughts on “Roadrunner Symbolic Meaning

  1. Thank you so much for channeling this message. I feel this message was written for me, for this moment in time. It is an answer to my prayers.

    Much love and gratitude,


  2. As I was going up my stairs to the backdoor crossing my path was a Roadrunner with beautiful navy indigo head crown and tail feathers. We both just stood in Awe and watch each other? As I reach to pull my cell out to take a photo he decided to move on with his dinner in his beak. I thank him for slowly leaving and stopping three times. So I could get my shots. As quickly as he came into my life he vanished into the woods.


  3. You have truly blessed me thank you for your truth. I to am a intuitive, yet seemed to lost my way, due to extreme loss & heartache.sincerely, Kathryn


  4. My Roadrunner story…before Abel left this time for South Korea we went to breakfast and a Roadrunner ran across Shea Blvd in front of the car. I began telling Abel how I always felt sorry for the Coyote as a kid watching this cartoon. Of course coming from the Midwest I had no knowledge of the Desert Southwest and that actually both the Coyote and Roadrunner are predators. Now let’s fast forward to after Abel left…
    I came back from the grocery store while putting away the groceries I hear this tapping on my window. I look out and see a bird sitting on a table under my window tapping away. I assumed it was a Woodpecker, after all what other bird would peck at the house, right? A bit later I was busy in the house and I am startled because I hear a loud knocking on the window. I went into the family room open the door and say to what I believed to be a Woodpecker “What is wrong with you goofy bird, this is not a tree?!” Of course the bird flies away. Thought nothing more of the bird and went on with my day. The next morning I am awaken by a knocking at my back door, which is a 3 panel sliding glass door. I get out of bed and it’s the same bird pecking on my door!! Not the two glass windows but the door itself. I now am beginning to think this must be an animal spirit message!! I look up “Woodpecker” animal spirit message … well I am so excited, the message is one of healing, good luck, etc. I send the picture to Abel along with the googled meaning of a Woodpecker animal message. Abel responds with that is not a Woodpecker they are small with a short tail, it’s a Roadrunner. Needless to say I am a bit deflated because now I wonder what is the animal message of a Roadrunner. So I respond with my thoughts to Abel about how I am sure this is some kind of message. In turn he responds with ” He’s probably seeing his reflection!” Mister logical of course 😂. The next day I leave town still thinking this is unusual, I will need to research what the “meaning” is in regards to a Roadrunner pecking at my door. I came home. Yesterday there were no incidents with the Roadrunner….so I have concluded Abels right, the bird was confused and has moved on . I am now convinced I am simply grabbing at straws to make sense of a season in my life that will never make sense. Then today while making my bed I once again was startled at a knocking on our back door. Yep, it’s the Roadrunner!!! Tonight I tell Abel instead of a dog we have a Roadrunner who wants to be our pet!! If there is a message I have no clue what it might be, but you have to admit it is extremely unusual to have a Roadrunner knocking on your door!! For your information I lost my 33 yr old daughter to cancer on 12/26/2016. I posted this on Facebook and my cousin sent me this link. I started to book Joe but have a hesitation about sending money and no scheduled reading. Your thoughts?


  5. This is amazing. I did a ceremony yesterday to heal my ancestors, during which we felt we helped a grandfather to transition. It was a ceremony that supposedly clears the DNA 7 generations both male and female. After the ceremony I drove to the hotsprings, and on my way there, a roadrunner ran across the road in front of my car. I felt these words were exactly what I needed hear in that moment. This morning a dove’s feather was on my doorstep when I got home.

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  6. Today during the eclipse a road runner ran across my path. I looked down at the clock and it was 1:11. So, I spoke an affirmation out loud. Your description spoke directly to me! I’ve been praying for a sign that I’ve been on the right track for the passed year. Its all coming together and now and fear started creeping in.
    Thank you,


  7. Thank you Quornesha, for the intuned messages sent from Roadrunner while this New Mexico bird stood still contemplating in and around Stone Temple just now i.e., 10.09.2017; where i watched and connected with a friend from the Southwest window. Divine words do stream through wonderful corridors of Spirit, like with you today. Be forever-young, Tom Te’


  8. You say we live ONCE. Do you not believe in reincarnation? So many say they lived other lives as opposite sexes, colors of skin, eras etc. What do you think?


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