Red-Headed Woodpecker Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon: When seen in waking life, dreams, visions, channels or otherwise: The red Headed woodpecker, represents the need to listen from within. To go within oneself for all knowledge, to advance and become whole in who we are. Use your intuition. It is time for you to do plenty of work in the world. The clients, situations, causes or otherwise will be provided for you to work upon. It is an individual decision, as to what you choose in exchange for your energetic work in the world. Do not accept judgements from others because of your visions for YOUR LIFE.

It is time to be powerful, to become what you are truly meant to become. At this time, you are walking your talk and talking your walk. You are applauded and even though you feel tested, you choose your beliefs, versus your temptations. You are now fully aware of who you are.

Embody your light. Show the world and yourself, what you are made of. Do not limit who you are because you think an enemy lurks. Even if you love and send love to all, your enemies are set in front of a mirror and you are protected from all harm. No matter what, you will always have and manifest whatever you desire.

The Red-Headed woodpecker represents a level of maturity that has been reached. You are within whatever you appear on the outside. Which is to say, you are aligned. The Red-Headed woodpecker and it’s colors are quite significant, with Black representing protection and power and red representing acknowledgement. While White represents purity.

You have the gift to open others up and to change their way of thinking, you are noticed among others whenever this bird appears. You seem to know more than you realize and are often considered as a genius. You have a special path, and you are one of the few gifted people on this planet.

You express great qualities and see the good in others, and accept them for their flaws and weaknesses. You are a superior in the spiritual and supernatural worlds/realms. There’s nothing you need to fear. You have the abilities of Psychic power and the red headed woodpecker is a sign that you need to continue ‘working on’ these gifts to bring it out further and have them fully developed.

In General, the Red headed woodpecker is symbolic that you are illuminating the world. Through your work. Continue to shine your light as your wisdom is landing in all the right places. Begin to acknowledge every blessing as it appears for you as a result of your efforts.

You have a gift to see beyond the natural human eye and for this reason, many others call upon you for your advice, council and healing energy. If ever you feel overwhelmed, you need to take time out and unplug and do something worthy of your own happiness.

The red-headed woodpecker can appear in your dreams, synchronicities, waking life, or visions as a sign, that you must get going in the direction you have chosen, and if you are procrastinating, now is the time to make a decision. Your advice appears ‘spot on’ and there are many successes for you in a business or project.

You are to awaken the ancient power within you in a graceful way or manner. YOU CHOOSE your own happiness. Do not allow others to script your life. As, what appears as unhealthy for or to them, could be healthy for you and what appears as healthy to others could appear as unhealthy for the others. Be yourself always. More  importantly, be happy for being who you truly are.

Learn to adapt to any environment with the red-headed woodpecker as your animal guide and call and seek it’s guidance when you need to remember who you truly are. For it is in it’s presence that you will reconnect with your true self. Many blessings to you & Ase!

~Quornesha S. Lemon

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7 thoughts on “Red-Headed Woodpecker Symbolic Meaning

  1. This is the third spirit animal who has spoken to me recently, that I have found on your site – thank you so much for your beautiful channelled wisdom. I honour you. Namaste


  2. Thank you. A redheaded woodpecker flew into my bedroom window this morning . I looked out the window and saw it on the ground and went out to pick it up. It was still alive . U out it under my jacket for a few minutes and it squwaked and I let it go. 2 weeks ago I found an injured owl. New Year’s eve i started a reburthing process . Ss tgr iwl sighting indicated. I know I’m intuitive and sensitive. I’m also prone to anxiety and insecurity. I’m trying to find peace, healing and confidence in this journey and calling. Thank you for your message of the woodpecker.


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