Movement 22™

Movement 22™ Is a Spiritual Movement where I am posting empowered quotes, thoughts, affirmations and prayers throughout the internet and this Blog.

To awaken and illuminate my purpose and inspire others to do the same. Movement 22™ Stands for ‘Please Excuse Me While I speak Things Into Existence’. Which is a request that I be excused from ‘speaking life’ over my life and teaching others by being a positive example. And even though this may seem like a ‘desire’ or what I want, it is what I deserve. Throughout this movement, I hope to achieve empowering others to stand with conviction in drawing into their lives what they truly want. Rather than what we have believed to be realistic and what is possible.

In this movement, I hope to teach others to reach for and achieve the impossible. These Affirmations or prophecies can come about in various forms. It is free to join in participating, in this movement. The intention is to bring out the best in life. It doesn’t matter what others think life should be like in this movement, because I am only creating what I want for myself and for the world.

Anyone is welcomed to join or leave at any time.

For More Information or to take this Movement further with a Paid reading, book here or contact me for details.

This Movement is ever consistent throughout what I am here on earth to do. Thanks for being a part of my mission.

*The Number 22 Meaning