Camel [Camelus] Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant *Egyptian Healing + Media & Personal* The camel is symbolic of success and fruition. Of vibrations and elegance. A Period or time/chapter of grace and serendipity. Seeing the camel in your waking life, dreams, visions and synchronicity is a message that you have walked through a new door that sets you on a new course and chapter.

Something has began in your life. As old doors have come to a close look forward to your new beginning(s). It may be time to take an indirect approach in a situation. It may be time to go with the flow of changes, as you are allowed to edit them along the way to your spiritual specifications.

The camel asks you to be open and receptive. To allow change into your life and to welcome the changes that are happening or occurring with opened arms. At this time, you will receive whatever you need as you step forward through this new door. If you need more energy, clarity, love, or empowerment know that it is on the way into your life. Whatever others need is for them and whatever you need is to support you on your journey.

The animal kingdom wishes to remind you that no-one is ever alone, especially YOU if you should feel this way right now. We may not be able to communicate the same with our animal counter-parts, but they are indeed speaking to us through other, contiuum. Do not boast about anything that you may have obtained. This new beginning is a reminder that we are etched by the creator to move forward always.

You are not to become obsessed with your possessions in any way. Do not become obsessed with people, material things or thoughts. Let all of it go, and allow it to pass through your life in the chapters it is meant to carry you.

Send love wherever you go, ask that love is reflected back to you in all that you give, as we are meant to be abundant and receive. Use your powerful intuition. Do not be afraid to express your creative gene. Step into your authentic expressions and embrace all there is, and all that you are.

While You have stepped through a new door, you have also stepped into you and introduced yourself to your inner potential. The camel is symbolic of storing for the future. If you’d like to look into ways to stabilize your finances in any way, now would be the most auspicious time.

Each animal enters our lives for a reason. Your efforts, whatever they may be are appreciated and taken into account. Do not fear that, because views are different from your own, that this means you are wrong. As this is not so. Your voice is heard, just as much as anyone else’.

Camel-wallpapers-9 For Symbolic Meanings + Healing

Notice that others are empowering the things you already know for sure, when you see similar thoughts/wisdom. Do not take things personally if you are feeling vulnerable in any way. Know that you are not insecure, although you experience insecurities. You are not your failures, although in some situations you fail. You are not your storms, although you experience a bad day. You are not your outward appearance, as the heart is what matters.

Release any beliefs, no matter what they may be. To attract those who accept you of your beliefs, begin to see the light in that of others and be receptive to them also. No matter what the resource is, if it isn’t aligned with who you are on the inside, do something differently. As your happiness is your responsibility. No one can smile for you.

Release intensities by expressing your voice and speaking up, even to your fears and thoughts. Speak up and you will see that you are more in control of your own life, the way you think and how you feel than you expect.

Camels mark the ending of vulnerable transitions/transformations.

When your soul is tired, listen. Nothing ever happens by mistake. The Camel symbolizes opulence and legacy. When the camel has one hump this means a new journey that you are expecting. When the camel has two humps this means that this is a new beginning that you and another has planned. So if you are taking a trip/move of any kind, this is to symbolize that you will have the full support of the universe.

Remember that you are supported even if you face obstacles. You are loved even if you feel things aren’t going your way. Know that you do not have to have things your way all of the time. Make room to learn by falling down. You are assured through Divine will that you will get back up again. But you will have to make the effort to try.

Know that things do not have to be difficult. In life, how we experience our lessons are personal requests based upon how we treat others, ourselves and the way that we believe. You are everything God has created you to be, and he is everything that he sees in you. So you have a source. You WERE born with a manual. It is that of your creator and inner wisdom. You must tap into it. Do not believe lies about yourself. No matter who or where they are coming from.

Make room for love and growth in your relationships, friendships or partnerships and remember, you don’t miss out on anything when you do it anyway. If you are to miss an opportunity it doesn’t matter to begin with. You have the all seeing eye supporting you. Know that as you go, your days are blessed. Know that as you arrive, your life and experiences are blessed. Know that God/Divine/Universal Energies are carrying out the will that is upon you.

Grace & Namaste, 

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant 

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