Angel-Confirmation Number 1141

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Egyptian Healing + *Media & Personal Consultations: Angel number 1141 is a message that the angels and ascended masters hear your thoughts, prayers and concerns. They encourage you to use your thoughts and prayers in a powerful manner. Knowing that you are able to manifest anything you desire. Know that what you manifest will come about for your highest and greatest good.

It is a message from the ascended masters and angels for you to have no fear of what is to come. There’s a gift within you making it’s debut to the forefront. Pay attention to your dreams and plans at this time, as these are in alignment with what the angels agree you deserve and are entitled to receive at this point in your life.

Take note of what is repeating in your life. Know that you are moving forward whenever you see the number 1141. As it is a message that things will be flowing in a direction that YOU feel appealing, or according to your ideal. You are taking control of your life, and the direction you are heading.

The Number 1141 is confirmation that if things were or aren’t at present or before, a reflection of the things you truly desire and want, know that opportunities will be flowing your way for this to improve in your life. Look forward to more positive environments, perception and positive people around you. If you have a heart, soul, mind and body practice, where it is aligned with your Divine mission and purpose, know that this will receive a boost and support from the universe. And God is in charge of the the direction it will take place.

Express gratitude often. Be thankful for the beauty that you see all around you and become more and more aware. Know that you are progressing ahead as you are Divined/destined. The Number 1141 is a reminder that the life you live is that of your own. How you make a difference is your option, and should never be left open to the options of others of how you fulfill yourself, your life and the things you’ll have in it.

Know that you have found peace. You are to open your eyes and heart to maintaining peace by becoming aware of the energy you allow to attach to you or surround yourself with. Speak love and light over all energy that crosses your path and transmute it to work to your favor. Wherever you dwell the most, clear the energy as often as necessary.

Use your wisdom and intellect to help you move forward and along the direction of your Life, in alignment with your purpose.  Embrace who you are in all faucets, embrace your life. Live and be your authentic self. Honor the feelings that you may have if any, that causes you to have any doubt, fear or trepidation.

Know that as you move forward, the challenges will come, the blessings will come. Do not try to create obstacles/challenges do not try to create a blessing. Allow the energy to flow in your direction as you intend. Know that when we pray for our blessings, we cannot attach the perfect outcome. As things work out in alignment of the Will Divine has in store for us, not by what we WANT. At least not all of the time.

Be sure that your desires are that of meaning and purpose. If something feels off, honor that feeling and find ways to direct yourself out of it and onto a clear position. Know that wherever you are right now, is a reflection of where you need to be. Do not lose faith in what God is doing within you and for you. If your blessings turn out to have challenges, remember it is still a blessing. Each situation has it’s own nuisances.

In order to have a victory you’ve got to have something that you had to fight for. If you want to receive success there has to be some sort of failures that have pushed you to do better. It isn’t possible to have one without the other. As it isn’t energetically allowed. In order to gain wisdom one must first be willing to dwell in the unknown, to seek it and be receptive to it.

No matter where the beliefs come from, do not allow them to deter you from serving your mission the way you feel led to. You are beginning to gain connection with your own innate wisdom. Pay close attention to the signs all around you. And always check into, from within things that make you feel uneasy. And ask yourself, are these fears? Is this the truth? Begin to express to yourself these meanings and definitions. As no one can better interpret what’s going on within you than yourself. Know that we all need each other. Begin to express the same love you’d express to strangers, the compassion you’d have for animals or causes with yourself and those you have been chosen, to exist with (Family, friends, etc).

1+1+4+1=7 There are changes to come about in your life, some that you have brought about through your own healing abilities whether this is through prayer, affirmation, meditation, or spiritual modality of sending healing to yourself or that which surrounds you. Fear not of the inclinations you hear. As this is your clairudient ability stepping forward. It is time now to release allowing anything outside of you to interpret who you really are in any way. More importantly, make the most of the time you have with whatever you have right now, as you will not get this time back. As of right now, only what you think of yourself matters and you know it. See also the number 7


Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

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Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + With all due respect. 

Through the Use of Reiki symbols, and Psychic Energy, I am able to send healing to reduce stress and increase energy. While working with you on concerns and goals. Book here for further insight/healing.



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