Angel-Confirmation Number 52

Channeled By Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant (Media + Egyptian Healing): Angel number 52 is a message that you are seeing the reason beneath every situation, and you are beginning to awaken to the reasons why, everything happens for a reason. You are to pay close attention to the reason you are feeling any discomfort. In other words, pay attention to your discomfort. As it foretells, changes you need to make, and now you know what you don’t want. It is pertinent to identify with what you don’t want, so that it can be healed. You can’t only focus upon what you do want, as what you don’t want, desires to be healed so that it can move on and you have to be the one to do the inner workings to make this happen.

What we don’t want can be associated with memories, or thoughts, or feelings, or situations at present. We hold the power to move on from situations, rather than clinging to them as though they were a perfect part of the puzzle, according to our destiny. Seek answers whenever you feel discontentment. As every emotion that you feel, honor it, by getting to know more about it. Do not sweep any anger underneath ‘a rug’. Do not sweep aside how you truly feel or think about any given situation.

It is of importance to get these circumstances resolved and worked appropriately in your present moment as they come about for you. While we may question, “why is this happening, to me”. These situations and circumstances are related to things we need to resolve, or situations and obstacles related to your purpose. It is imperative that you see things as already healed and filled with light. It is of most importance to heal as you go, to not dwell upon past failures and mistakes, as long as you have faced it and discovered reasons why, it is now time to move on.

It is our nature to question things, everything, actually. If something does not feel right to you, or you’d like to do your ‘further research’, follow your own instincts. Do not rush into any situations, ‘blind folded’. Your success(es) should never be a mystery to follow through on (unless there are pieces, to be solved). The path must unfold in it’s own way, and you must want and desire to take the steps, if you are procrastinating, ask yourself, “Do I really want to do this”? Your mind will always converse with you. As well as your body and your soul. When you are unsure, the mind will tell you, often time this unsurety foretells as obstacles, often as only fears, etc.

It is essential that we move ahead always, as this assures completion of obstacles. Whenever you are faced with an obstacle, Face it in your own way. Be unique in the way you conquer these ordeals. Do not use the ‘maps’ of others. As you cannot obtain treasures others are to inherit. Even with advice, you are to use it in your own way. Always leave what does not serve you, on the table. Dishonoring greed is a way of releasing things that we may cling to out of the need to have, own or receive. We can each live abundantly, know that our own abundance has it’s personal signature and no one else, can cash in on it. Except ourselves. We each do ‘as we do’, for very important reasons, know that our needs are met in their own unique way.

5+2=7 Know that things are happening rapidly in regards to your spiritual existence here on earth. Your learning path is that of your own. If you are awaiting answers, know that they will come about in ways you were least expecting. Remember to not wait for YES Opportunities. , Don’t wait for invitations to opened doors. Make your own way and the effects will be unanimous around you.

Also see the number 7


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + With All due respect!

Psychic Consultant Quornesha S. 



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