Decoding The Word/Phrase ‘Fallback’

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Shaman, Author, Transpersonal Life Coach| with Abilities in Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Mediumship, Animal Communication, Healing, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Hoodoo Practitioner, And so much more| Decoding the Word or Phrase ‘Fallback’: When the word or phrase Fall-back presents itself to you, whether in your waking life, dreams, visions, synchronicity or clairaudient abilities. It is presented to you for you to look at both sides of the ‘fence’.

Allah Plans too: As plans ahead may resort to you ‘falling back’ from where you are going. Life presents us with all kinds of signs.We can take them as opinions or voices. But just know, that we are being forewarned. We are being urged to listen. Something is not as stable as it seems. 

Half Hour Reading

One 30-minute Spirit reading from Quornesha| I will assist you in communicating with loved ones. This service will offer peace to those who are grieving.


A Made up Mind: Know that if your mind is made up to make these changes, understand that you will make them, but these changes will cause you to turn around where you began.

To Start again: Know that even though you will have to start at square one, more than likely, things will have changed or shifted in some way. So if you have a feeling that you must make a move or change, know that you are being guided to make the transition. Do be prepared to turn around. And listen up for this message to come about as you move forward/ahead. Listen to repeated messages. Know that mean-spirited words in your mind or around you are only leading you to grace where you will find peace and harmony. So do pay attention.

Think before leaping: It is time to think maturely and not make decisions on the edge of the cliff. As being on the edge we are pushed to make all the decisions that are flowing in our mind. Know the Voice of Spirit: Our first ‘mind’ or instinct can come from any source at this time. The voice to listen to is that kind and gentle voice that urges us to return home where we belong. Home can depict peace or harmony, in all its forms. If we make haste out of desperation we may find that we want will take its time.

Powerful Life Changing Prayer by Quornesha

I will write a prayer specifically for your situation and pray it in your favor to the tenth power of the intention. Please, only one prayer per purchase/intention. If you need to add others to your prayer request please place the quantity of this item to 2 Thank you! Also, this prayer can be prayed in any faith or belief. As I have the ability to cross any form of spiritual path.


When it all falls apart: Often things fall apart when we charge as a bull, seeing red. Take the gentle and patient stance. You will recognize that that is what the lessons are after all. To teach you to be patient. As nothing good comes from charging an opponent or what we want, only thinking that we deserve it.

Keep Calm: Calm yourself and think before acting at this time. Success can only be assured with patience and understanding. We are not designed to act without being guided anyway. This is not an interpretation to encourage procrastination, as if things are the opposite and doors open up for you, by all means, move forward. But when nothing appears from your moving forward. There is usually a really good reason why. Do not dwell on stubborn or doors unopened. Seek new ground or return to where it all begins and start once more.

Shamanic Animal/Dream Interpretation

I will do a small shamanic animal/dream interpretation for you, that may have occurred in your waking life, dreams, visions or synchronicities.


There is an old saying: ‘When we plan, Allah Plans” Consider listening to your angels and higher powers as they know best. You do not have to take on every journey by yourself. Although you are never alone on any path, you choose to take.

Thanks for understanding that, as a Priestess, I do not appreciate, thieves, liars, and backstabbers. So to visit this page or any other content on this site/email/page for the purpose of Inhabiting/taking/infringing on what does not rightfully belong to you is to provide permission to work against you with the spirits to bring justice to the situation as they see fit. Always acknowledge the rightful owners of this website and all other writings from the author and may you be blessed for doing so. 

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The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, you’re more than welcome to book a session.  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©
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