Dolphin Symbolic Meaning

Channeled By Quornesha S.: Shaman, Intuitive, Obeah Practitioner, Prayer Warrior, Certified  NLP practitioner, Certified Reiki & Crystal Reiki Master, Medium, Certified Life purpose Coach| Dolphins in your waking life, represents the honor and acknowledgment of your inner being, your childlike self, Your playfulness, and attentiveness. Seeing the Dolphin in your dreams is symbolic that a dream will soon be realized.  That it will manifest into the material world. The dolphin appearing in a dream, is a message, to pay attention to synchronicities, Pay attention to the colors. You can expect good fortune and blessings to enter your life.

Dolphins are also signs that worries will lift and you will find joy in the little and big things. You have a gift to share with the world and quite often you have granted that gift to the world free of charge. Know that at this time, you will see the karmic in good measures. The dolphin is a reminder to tap into your happiness. Know that all is well in your world. You have such energy about you. And someone in the material/earthly plane has been requesting for quite some time, a platform for you to shine and illuminate the way through.


You are a great listener, and sometimes you have placed others before yourself. But at this time, you have learned from those lessons and your kindness has benefited you in many ways. you will begin to understand in moments ahead, of the seeds you have sown into the world. The angels remind you that you have nothing to fear or worry about.

Things may not immediately come as you desire, and they possibly will come as you desire, the outcome is already planned out by the universe/higher powers.  But know that they are happening with forthcoming changes. You will not have to wait years for a very big dream to realize because you’ve already heard that aspect before. While all things take time. These forthcoming changes will be miraculous.

You have so much to be grateful for. These changes may even feel quite magical. Enjoy every measure of these blessings. You have help from all sides. Continue to be grateful for all that you have.  If ever you need to spend anything, always think that there is more where it came from.

Shake off anything that is not bringing you peace. This is related to fears, concerns, doubts, emotions, people in your surroundings or otherwise. Use your abilities to tap into your highest vibrations always. Use forgiveness to travel back in past experiences to undo any karmic imbalances you may be experiencing.

Welcome, vibrations that will help you along the way. Welcome blessings,  and welcome joyous experiences. You don’t have to be totally out of wits in any situation. Use your life and your experiences as a positive and influencing personality into the world. You will be able to manifest many of your dreams now, due to many doors which will co-work and open at once. You will have the opportunity to bless this world with delightful lessons, which may have hard sections, but will be met with strength to easily overcome.

Know that nothing is overwhelming for you. You have ease and grace about you now. And it will show and manifest more into your life, due to your new-found emotional freedom. Don’t be afraid to do anyway, what you don’t already know about. Often your creativity allows you to think well on your feet. Use your strengths and abilities for your overall well-being.

Many Blessings & Namaste, 

Quornesha S. 
Illumination Reiki & Readings 

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The Law of Reflection: Caution of Your Energy + Vibrations

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: When we are convinced with our whole hearts, we are sending vibrations, (However negative or positive out to the other person or situation/circumstance.

Which describes the reason and sensitivity of sensitive beings or empaths (those with heightened sensitivity).

But keep in mind that what we send out vibration-wise, is what we will receive in turn. It’s not just biblical, (dig one ditch, dig two).

The Law Of reflection, Whatever you see about others, you see about yourself. Whatever you require-desire-need-or despair others to do, you have the ability to do yourself.

If we are fearful of the world, the world will be fearful or intimidated of us. If we see the positive in others, more than likely, the negatives we have prior, foreseen will be absolved also and will be reflected back to us.

If we look at others as though they need to attain any status, or acclaim, before we receive them unto ourselves, then that will be required of us also.

How you treat others is not only a message to consolidate good manners in others, but it is also in alignment with the spiritual laws of the universe.

If you declare out into the universe, the universe can only copy what you think about yourself, and reveal it towards the world, inwardly and outside of you. This is so because, we have made up our minds, rather than procrastinating about whether we deserve it or not. When you know you deserve it the Universe, or HIgher power, believes this about you also.

We are allowed the gift of being received first and the opportunity to show others what we believe we can do. But more importantly, we must become what we believe.

Always participate in beliefs you believe will serve your soul. With this truth, this advocates that, we cannot only get into an idea for any reason in particular only that we are truly interested and ready to discover where the path may lead us.

When you design an intention for the universe to pick up on and serve up to you. Whereas, have it perfectly aligned in your mind how it is all going to work out, you are giving authority to yourself, thereby taking action on behalf of the Universe or Divine. When in all, we are only meant to ask and receive. When you are doing all the work, you are telling the Universe, Or Divine or the Christ Mind, that you have no further use of it’s abundant resources.

When you surrender your dreams and the end goal to a higher power, you are allowing a relationship to happen on your behalf. Thereby, empowering you to accomplish your grandest dreams.

Whatever you declare and affirm on your behalf, you must take it to the highest power, therefore you are giving your trust and giving it over to the source that promises that it will provide all you need, and work things out for your highest good, even if it isn’t all that you want. As opposed to sharing your dreams and ordeals with someone else, who may not see the bigger picture. Not that we are greater, but our beliefs reflect where we are or where we stand in our spiritual evolution.

Therefore you cannot present higher knowledge to someone whose mind, still lingers in their absent reality. When you are higher consciousness, or in vibration of your higher self. You must pray, speak or share your Dreams with Divine, or The Christ Mind alone and they will work out the details for you, and  bring into your life the right people, places, opportunities and materials or abundance to help you serve your mission in a graceful manner.

You must use discernment and serenity. Accept what you cannot change (others) and you must use discernment for whom you tell your dreams and ordeals to.

~The Law Of Reflection by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant


Quornesha S. 

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Decoding The Word/Phrase ‘Fall Back’

Decoding the Word or Phrase ‘Fall back’ by Quornesha S. Oracle of Divine Wisdom + Healing: When the word or phrase Fall-back presents itself to you, whether in your waking life, dreams, visions, synchronicity or clairaudient abilities. It is presented to you for you to look at both sides of  the ‘fence’.

Allah Plans too: As plans ahead may resort to you ‘falling back’ from where you are going. Life presents us with all kinds of signs.We can take them as opinions or voices. But just know, that we are being forewarned.

We are being urged to listen. Something is not as stable as it seems. 

A Made up Mind: Know that if your mind is made up to make these changes, understand that you will make them, but these changes will cause you to turn around where you began.

To Start again: Know that even though you will have to start at square one, more than likely, things will have changed or shifted in someway. So if you have a feeling that you must make a move or change, know that you are being guided to make the transition. Do be prepared to turn around. And listen up for this message to come about as you move forward/ahead.

Listen to repeated messages. Know that mean spirited words in your mind or around you are only leading you to grace where you will find peace and harmony. So do pay attention.

Think before leaping: It is time to think maturely and not make decisions on the edge of the cliff. As being on the edge we are pushed to make all the decisions that are flowing in our mind.

Know the Voice of Spirit: Our first ‘mind’ or instinct can come from any source at this time. The voice to listen to, is that kind and gentle voice that urges us to return home where we belong. Home can depict peace or harmony, in all it’s forms. If we make haste out of desperation we may find that we want will take it’s time.

When it all falls apart: Often things fall apart when we charge as a bull, seeing red. Take the gentle and patient stance. You will recognize that, that is what the lessons are after all. To teach you to be patient. As nothing good comes from charging an opponent or what we want, only thinking that we deserve it.

Keep Calm: Calm yourself and think before acting at this time. Success can only be assured with patience and understanding. We are not designed to act without being guided anyway. This is not an interpretation to encourage procrastination, as if things are the opposite and doors open up for you, by all means move forward. But when nothing appears from your moving forward. There is usually a really good reason why. Do not dwell on stubborn or doors unopened. Seek new ground or return to where it all begin and start once more.

There is an old saying: ‘When we plan, Allah Plans” Consider listening to your angels and higher powers as they know best. You do not have to take on every journey by yourself. Although, you are never alone on any path, you choose to take.


Quornesha S. 

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Psychic Consultant Quornesha S. 

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