The Symbolic Meaning of The Letter x

Channeled through Quornesha S., Seeing the letter X in synchronicity, Waking life, Dreams, visions, readings. Is a message that some changes prayed for or requested are taking place within our DNA. Rerouting what only seems impossible on the surface.

You may be in a groggy mood or not feel as though you are yourself and feel that something is not not right at this time. These are simply fears and emotions. That will soon present clarity in the place where there was once fear. And Hope in the midst of sorrow.

Psychic Note: If this is pertaining to relationship concerns Be assured that all is taking place for a specific intention on your behalf. It’s more than appropriate to fear in some sort of way. When you go through any changes, it’s natural. But you are shifting and there is absolutely nothing you need to fear for.

Prophecy: This phase of changes are coming to an end at this time. Until you are ready for the next stage of change. Do not hold yourself in the victim mentality. Just because we put good out into the world, does not always mean we will get good in return. More than likely, we will. But it will not always be good in a sense. As you move ahead you’ll discover that all the ‘bad’ are actually lessons for you to learn and grow form.

To aid in the transition, ask your higher power to help you understand these lessons, so that you do not have to repeat them.

Psychic Note: Also take notice of  any deje vu’ you see. There is something you have refused to learn in a previous transition. You can remove these repeated messages by intending to learn from your mistakes the moment after or before a mistake is made. By asking to be taught the error of your ways and to not repeat the same mistakes twice. Or affirming, I am never in the same situation, place or thought twice.

In part, to learn and move on, you must intend to do so. Don’t hold onto thoughts. Why do you fear the same thing twice?

Prophecy: It is redundant. To circle thoughts you don’t yet have the answers to. These are called fears. And fears are associated with not having clarity or being confused about certain situations or people.

Intuitive Conclusions: Let go and breathe. Know that if it is meant to turn out for the worst, it will. But think also, what if the situation will turn out for the better? Know that if it’s for the worst, this is a situation that is not compatible with what is forthcoming. Making it easier to release those situations or people.

Life is great, do not worry, or stress about whatever or that which comes next.  Quornesha S., Channeled from Ascended Master, Serpais Bay

Your power is healing as it is absorbent. Time to interpret which ones are your own and which are that of others.

You can set spiritual boundaries, but it is you whom must honor them, not up to others to do so.


Quornesha S. 

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

All rights reserved ©




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