The Silence of Our World.

Inner knowing/ Wisdom/Observance: We’re busy saving animals, recycling, sorting trash particles to decompose, steadily saving our world, but when will we do just as much work to ‘fix’ our communication, it is one of our biggest challenges right now. Why are so many of us preaching ‘peace’, so many tears being shed and not a single word spoken.

While all of this is great for us to view, why is the world still so silent?

Have we become the animals we are trying to save? Even they have a word with each other, once in a while. We don’t need once in a whiles’ we need consistency.

Have we become the trash we sort through? So rare we treasure it to save the earth and recycle, trash doesn’t talk, it has no soul, it has no life. But at once, it did make our lives a little better, it had something to offer. Food on the table, something to cool off with, paper to express ourselves.

Some of us talk to our broken machines, as if they were going to describe to us whether or not it is ‘hurting’ or missing much needed maintenance. That’s not how it works.

I think if we sorted our issues as much as we sorted our trash, we’d live in more harmony.

If we offered advice and asked what we could do to help fix the issue, there be less toxicities within our minds.

We are all human, just like you, me and everyone else, what we have here, we do not go into the beyond with it. Nothing that we have truly belongs to us. What we build, we are building for those who come after us. If we really want to live in the present, Begin with communication.

If we do not, many of us will become unhappy, and we all know, bitterness will empower nothing. And that itself will create disaster not only for those to come but for ourselves.

Live in peace by being a person who not only preach, but practice as he or she preaches. Let’s not only be people who’ll talk to the commodes when they’re broken, speak to the internet when it’s down, you must speak up. Be the change or you will never see or know peace.

Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

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