Squirrel (Sciuridae) Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom/Knowing: Squirrels are symbolic of playfulness, jovial, harvesting, manifesting wealth + abundance, standing up in situations, defending one’s territory, protecting one’s dreams and plans, seeing truth in people or situations, discernment, avoiding danger, avoiding repression or depression, shaking off opinions, being one’s true self, living authentically. Choosing friends wisely, discerning advice, speaking one’s mind with truth and wit, and charisma. 

To see a Squirrel, in dreams, waking life, paintings, visions, flashes or synchronicity is a messgae…

The Message| Inner Knowing/Wisdom: Whenever we feel that our reactions + speaking up is wrong. Due to our usual gentle nature, the Universe will rise up to teach us that speaking up is a part of the process. That, perhaps bringing emotions to the surface in a present situation is what is necessary.

This is to love yourself. Even when other “poker players” call a bluff or otherwise. Keep your game face on. There’s no need to prove anyone wrong or right. Be great and stay grateful.

The concerns you may have about your new attitude are to be renounced from your thoughts and frequency. It’s time to see yourself in a new light. You’re breaking free of your shell. It is time to explore those pieces of you that you may resent or even find to be different + unique or unusual.

It’s time to embrace the things you consider to be flaws. As there’s a treasure buried beneath all that you see.

It’s time now to begin congratulating  + praising yourself instead of waiting for someone to do that for you.

When you want a dream to come true, don’t wait for the right opportunities, go out and create one by mastering your skills.

Prophecy: Encourage and empower yourself. Things will begin to fall into place for you + you’ll develop new confidence. People will admire and feel inspired to be around you. Promise to yourself, that you’d never get into situations where you feel you have the least amount of say in the situation. As that is giving power rather than sharing or using it wisely.

You must begin to discern the people or situations Prior to accepting or welcoming them into your life. If there is a need to have something in order to earn a living, it may be time to go within and really gain focus of what you really want to do and do that instead.

Reclaim your integrity. Every road has it’s own troubles. You must then find one that is worthy of your footsteps, lest you not take the journey at all.

Intuitive Conclusions: SPEAK UP! Don’t be afraid to elevate the soul. You’ve got to be the one who decides, the sort of experiences you’ll have with those around you. Be free enough that you don’t need to change someone’s opinion of you. Keep moving forward. You cannot move forward, focused backward at the same time.

Life will only take you where you place your attention at the time.

Illuminating Thought + Power Question: The negative connotation of the Squirrel is to receive information without being told or clarified about it before hand, or forewarned. If anyone is unable to be open with you instead of you having to be a seeker or go an extravagance to finding the information, are they really the kind of people you wish to have in your life?

xoxo Quornesha S.

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