Great Tailed Grackle [Quiscalus Major] Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom/Knowing: Seeing the Great Tailed Grackle in your waking life, in photographs, paintings, over water, in dreams, readings, flashes, or synchronicity. Is a symbolic message for you to take back that which is yours. Reclaim your power. Holding sympathy for those who refuse to see the bigger picture is the same as setting aside your beliefs to keep peace. There is no reason to sacrifice in a situation, particularly right now.

While others may feel quite vulnerable or incomplete in their decisions, you may be strong willed and know what you want or know the truth about an impending situation. The guides and angels are asking you to stick with what you foresee. Listen to those inner messages that tug at your spirit.

Listen to the truth you hear about those around you. Don’t take a step across that bridge without taking a look at where you are stepping or standing. The Grackle tells us to refute naivety and to listen to those inward directions. Naivety can be anything from frequencies or beliefs from others who have no clue about what lies beneath the surface.

The Boat tailed grackle is symbolic for illumination, The Bolt of lightning, sudden changes, rapid pace, rapid movements. One standing in his or her true power and identity. When you decide to have and hold or honor a belief to avoid confrontation you are not your authentic self.

The Boat Tailed Grackle says: Stand for what you believe in, take a back seat and you’ll miss your ship. Defend what it is yours, as you deserve to. The Boat Tailed Grackle is a Panther to those who consider it to represent a form of power/taking back control. If you have lived your life beneath rules, take the time out to meditate upon which of these standards serve you.

Some of us choose to live life without limits, and for some we choose to have some form of authority, but we don’t have to. Because living freely means you’re living your best life. Not how you were orchestrated or scripted to be.

It may be time to be uncut, raw…no matter how deep cutting this may seem to others. It’s unnecessary to be rude or ridgid, but you need to stand powerfully and not waver from your mission in order to complete it.

Prophecy: If you are in a position where you cannot be your authentic self, it is time to go within and seek the direction that will allow you to shine. To shine means to fully gleam from edge to edge, center to center. It’s up to you to decide how you’re going to cross that river. Not anyone else. Being hard on yourself? It is time to let down your guard.

Intuitive Conclusion(s): Seeing the female means contentment with your message, the male is more confrontational + In “Never back down” mode. Perhaps it is time to draw upon your inward motivator. Attend some seminars, or be the one who teaches at them. Let your light shine. The female says, “I’m speaking from who I am, not what they want me to be” And I am not worried, I am not afraid. That is her message. To invoke her message simply sit and watch her movements, and you’d be inspired in a big way to take your Divinely inspired actions.


The Grackle is mostly in hot places. They do not mind hanging out with the other birds, although when threatened they may frighten visitors/predators in disguise away.

Live up to who you believe you are, if that message isn’t big enough it is time to expand your beliefs about yourself.

Receiving a Great Tailed Grackle Feather is sign that the heavens see a situation in your life that isn’t serving you or bringing you closer toward the light of your soul purpose. Things will seem to fall apart, but wait, the bigger picture has not been known to you just yet.

The Female presence is a reminder, that situations have come so that we will evolve, not, become lesser beings. This bird is also a sign that you will be blessed for your change in perception. In miraculous ways! Continue your vibration of Gratitude.

xoxo Quornesha S.

Thanks for sharing so Kindly + With all Due Respect. 

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All rights reserved/Images Used with permission: Male + Female [By Tomfriedel ( [CC BY 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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