Demoiselle Crane [Anthropoides Virgo] Blue Crane Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Psychic Medium + Intuitive + Clairvoyance + Clairsentience + Clairaudience + Claircognizance: The Blue Crane, Scientifically Known As the Demoiselle Crane. Asks us to look within. Do not confuse shielding or protection for defense or building up walls.

Awareness of the Anthropoides Virgo  brings a message. Depending upon the location when it is spotted, it is a reflection of how you may be feeling in this moment (our internal world).

This species is of inner contemplation. Perhaps you need to look within yourself. Focus upon your vulnerabilities, innocence + work on them. If you are guided to be alone during this time, do so.

There is no spiritual need for you to breakdown, shutoff or wallow in your blues/misery/ or whatever it may be that you are feeling at this time.

This bird’s message is to tell us, our perspectives will take a shift. As you shift how you look at the world, the world around you will follow in line to your beliefs about it. When you feel peaceful within, your spirit becomes dedicated toward keeping that momentum in order to keep that positive feel within.

Illuminating Thought: Once you finally SHIFT into your new awareness/thought process things will go more smoothly, We will be the one’s to decide when our work with inner contemplation is over and done with. It is inward so think of the one person that is in total control of that world….

If you find that perhaps you lose focus or drift into your imagination. Pay attention toward the inner messages there or channeled there. There is an absolute symbolic reason for this form of contemplation. In various cases, it is the only way we can receive in that particular moment.

Prophecy: Perhaps the answers to the trivial in your mind right now are from the inside and not externally.  + The Answers needed to be accomplished in this state of mind/consciousness.The Message of the Demoiselle Crane is also the same/similar to that of the hermit. There is no need to remain in any one state of mind or being for quite some time.

As this phase is equal to that of a matrix or sacred entry, get in + receive what is required + get out. As the scene changes each time a door closes + is attempted to be reopened to the same scene. You must be quick. In which case you cannot procrastinate.

Intuitive Conclusion: Be sure, that if you really want to get into something or become involved with any belief or thought process, you are willing to go the entire mile. There may be an entry with no return to the same way of being or thinking as before. You cannot simply test the waters with the course of opportunity that is in question here. You must be fully involved, mind-body-spirit. It is required for entry into this level of wisdom, knowledge and experience.

xoxo Quornesha S.

Thanks for sharing + reading with all due respect.

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