The Great Egret [Adrea Alba] Symbolic Meaning

Internal Wisdom: Clairsentience + Clairvoyance + Claircognizance + Clairaudience: Never confuse the Great egret with a crane, as the two are entirely different species. The great egret emanates a message of great compatibility + heaven sense. It’s message is that a prosperous time is near or has arrived. You have completed the tasks to do with what was before you.

This past path, may have had much to do with the karmic work you were set out to do. This time is over. It is time to set this chapter aside for a greater one. If you have found that you have struggle in many areas, throw your hands in the air if you will. It is finished. However, the newer journey, as you may know, still doesn’t come without challenges.

Yet what you have been through, endured for the longest, has seen it’s end, it has run it’s course. This is the end, now you will see what it is going to be like for you now. The great egret is about manifesting miracles. At this time in your life, there may be some already occurring for your benefit. Continue to be open, and you’ll see much more unfold for you.

You may feel the need to not resent or be bitter any longer over what has already occurred. This is normal and it is definitely natural. Your life in general will become more peaceful, and breezy to live. If you’ve been counting on a victory, it has already been won. You’ve won, + you won the hard way. birds-egrets-flying-great-egret-herons-1686082-480x320

In this sense, you are retiring from your past. I say retire, because although it is over, it doesn’t mean that it goes away immediately in your thoughts. You’ll always hold a memory for the lessons you have been taught.

You’ve made it past something, very few get to achieve. It is indeed remarkable. You can continue to hold your head up high. If you have an inkling or feeling that something big is happening behind the scenes on your behalf, know that it is symbolic of a self-prophecy that is sure to come to pass. It is not only your imagination. Take heed to the messages in your dreams. Thoughts or plans.

You’ve done well. Stand to receive the life blessings that already are and are still yet to unfold on your behalf.

Channeling + Prophecy: You can say amen or do whatever it is you need to do. You’re ready for a brand new start, not simply a new beginning but something great is coming your way. It is as though the sun is rising on your behalf and it sets to let you know it is time to relax, unwind, etc.

Intuitive Conclusion: The Great Egret is also symbolic for the message, that even though one may believe that wisdom comes with age, tradition or what is written, there exists true awareness that prove otherwise. Be careful in being one sided with one’s own opinion, belief or perspective. If you’re going to love or heal, do so, for all involved + with grace + serenity.

This “sign” is almost similar to seeing a rainbow, quite a beautiful prediction, waking premonition.

Final Discernment: Wonderful Blessings Are Ahead now.

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12 thoughts on “The Great Egret [Adrea Alba] Symbolic Meaning

  1. I’ve been through living hell and I’ve experienced heaven. I’ve had serious debilitating health issues for most of my life.I’ve had horrific relationships with men. I’ve been praying for my own healing and resolution and it is now coming through signs and symbols. Number sequences have been appearing to me multiple times daily for many many months and even years. I have been suicidal lately again. I’ve dreamed of wishing I was dead since I was three years old and I just turned 52. Somewhere along the line I went from being a very passionate person to having no focus and no passion. Even still now I have no idea what to do or how to accomplish anything. This is why I’ve been asking for guidance and looking for signs. Today a beautiful white egret flew across the highway as I was driving and late last night a sweet little fox darted across the street while I was driving home. I’m so grateful to you for your work and finding this incredibly touching information. I want you to know that you are helping me. I’m fighting for my life. I need to feel sovereign. I don’t know what else to say right now except thank you again.

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    1. This resonates with me greatly. Thank you for sharing your insight and your knowing. It is indeed a pleasure to meet you :-).


  2. This has been my sign lately. I’ve seen two white egrets flying by on two occasions in an area where they aren’t normally at. Not only this I’ve been seeing them appear in internet searches randomly. I resonate with your description of the meaning yo the point that I have goosebumps all over. Great changes are happening and I am so grateful for both the good and bad I have been through. I’ve had so many struggles in the last few years but the meaning of it all is starting to come together. Thank you for sharing your wisdom


  3. I knew i had to investigate this one! A Great Egret stood 20ft away, perched on my trailer as we pulled in in the car.Nov 4. I reached for my phone to click a pic. It didn’t just fly away. At first it just stared then took off right at us! Flew perhaps 3 inches from our windshield then off past the house. Astounding!!!
    It has been a very long hard journey & we are highly active spiritual people- dreamers…no accident! Loved this message thank you


  4. Today i was at a stoplight when this bird landed on top of the hood of my car he was staring at me the whole time so I took a picture still on my car as I drove and then flew away I knew deep down inside it meant something so I looked it up I’ve been through a lot of struggles and I’m hoping to see the blessings coming my way thank you so much for sharing!

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