Black Widow Symbolic Meaning

Internal Wisdom: Claircognizance + Clairaudience + Clairsentience + Clairvoyance: The black widow is symbolic for illness or poison that can last very briefly yet however has a long term effect. That makes one instantly feel as though one is passing from life unto death.

Take cautious steps in regard to your health, eating habits or consuming food or beverages from those you do not know very well. Take caution in trusting even those you know or think you know. Right now will not be the time to let down your guard in order to be more sociable or explore (in the sense of dining, drinking or change of any kind in what you prefer eating).

Follow the instructions of your instincts or intuition.

Take caution in poisons around the home that may or may not be exposed or in plain sight of children.

Consider your weaknesses, keep an open eye out for harm in this manner. Especially in this time, to which the immune system is quite vulnerable.

Take caution in any relations as well. You do not need to become more concerned with hindsight, rather with fore-thought and knowledge. Partners in question can be quite fleeting, quick and emotionless, especially if no relationship has been prior formed, before now.

As you can obviously see, the Black Widow, speaks volumes of dangers and illnesses to do with one’s immune and physical self. If you are guided to not take on a certain habit(IE; Smoking, drinking, binge eating, multi partners,  etc) when you are being presented with the presence of the Black Widow, it is best to follow that guidance.

Even if you think nothing may be wrong it is best to check + take cautious steps to avoid such processes of stress, loss + turmoil. The black widow can also be symbolic of some mental + emotional pain one should experience.

The black widow comes as forewarning for some danger that is imminent yet is certain that will occur. If one should experience such, healing of some kind will be required thereafter.

Intuitive Conclusion: However, if none of the above, there will be some truths one will be unable to stomach once discovered about a close friend or relative. It’s time to understand that as a being having a human experience. One will experience things such as..betrayal, false criticism, hate or even envy. But there are bright sides to the experience, you’ll just have to stay grounded once they are found.

You need to look further into your signs at this time + make sure it’s specific, is it yes, no or maybe so. It can only be one of them.

While spiders are symbolic for a partner in question already spoken for, the Widow announces danger!

However if you are going into business, check your thoughts + intentions, the Black Widow is on the Same frequency as 666!


Quornesha S.

The Supernatural Healer

Thanks for sharing so kindly with all due respect.

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10 thoughts on “Black Widow Symbolic Meaning

  1. I found a dead black widow spider on my garden bed. We moved to our new home and I’m not what to think of this experience, I’ve never seen these spiders until now recently.


  2. about eleven minutes ago. I walked down stairs and saw a black widow spider handing upside down on a web next to my closet. Immediately got up and grabbed my black and red notebook and flattened it. the back widows dead. though last night I did dream that I walked into a hospital building fatally ill. last week even my runes stones said death. I think this is a forwarning of some sort of fatal illness for me.


    1. Elizabeth, If you truly feel that way. Be careful what you eat and don’t trust others *without caution, for right now*. If you are doing things in any way that brings harm to others *not suggesting you are* this is fair warning. Dreams are prophecies, ya know. I can help with past life work if you are ready, in a private session. Namaste, Quornesha S. Blessings! You can also check out the tarot Cards, to bring you further clarity about the situations, it’s kinda DIY. Namaste! ♥♥♥ Love and Light!


      1. thank you so much! I’m not doing any harm to others. so it might be something that’s going to happen to me. well any way I will ask for protection from my angels and guides to the best of my ability. I feel I found your site for a reason. it helped in warning me. so thank you so very much. I was guided to this site for a reason. your advice is a blessing. thank you 🙂


      2. Hi Elizabeth! Lovely to hear about what you will do next! I ask that your prayers for protection are heard and answered to keep you safe from all evil intentions or harm. Ask angels for affirmations as well. Absolutely, everything happens for a reason! You are welcome! Love and Light! ~Quornesha S. ♥♥♥♥


  3. lately I’ve been having dreams of white scorpions. in one dream I dreamt that about a fifty white giant scorpions that scurried through an old town at night and snuck into people’s home’s and carried them away in there pinchers away into the night. I was in a small room and a giant scorpion tried to break through my door to get to me. I tried forcing the door shut. the dream changed and I stood on the street and I watched as a bearded man had his arms outstretched and he cried out for one of the scorpions to bring back his loved one. immediately I realized that this person being carried away by the giant scorpion was me. I also have some psychic gifts and I’ve started having visions of black widow spiders and scorpions in spirit around me. lately I’ve been seeing the scorpions in visions and dreams a lot more than the spiders. what do scorpions symbolize? having both of these insect guides warning me of something is making me scared. I’m clairaudient and clairvoyant and still learning how to interpret my gifts. last time black widow spiders came into my life my uncle died of stomach cancer a few days later. i feel another death is on it’s way. and i know it’s unavoidable. just thought i’d share.

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    1. My Condolences Elizabeth. I create Dream Analysis reports for $88.10. I write per the ‘feeling’ to write about a specific topic or guide or number or synchronicity. With your report I could include the meaning for you. However, If I must publicly write about it, it would have to come in it’s own timing when I get that feel for it. Love and Blessings, Quornesha S.



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