Castle Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Also known as: Clairvoyance + CLaircognizance + Clairaudience + Clairsentience: To see Castle’s in paintings, pictures, flashes, or waking life is a symbolic meaning for the completion of transformation. Yet it is also symbolic for one’s grand imagination. + A time of grief that has finally come to an end. It is auspicious to see mountains in one’s dreams, yet it is most auspicious when one has visions of castles.

Castles, foretell a time of great success + fruition of one’s dreams + plans. Be cautious in over planning or hoping that “all goes according to plans” as fate always has a hand in all that we do. Whatever your beliefs or disbelief in higher power or something in the beyond at play…there is the unknown, the invisible, awaiting to be sought + found.

It may be time now to consider the path towards one personal spiritual beliefs. As you open up to yourself + who you are, you find your center, the core. The source of you, who you really are.

We get to choose whether we will replace the thing we are grieving over or to let it sail away, and be truly grateful of it’s existence up until the time of it’s departure from our lives.

Right now it is time to see the value of such “gifts” into our lives, whatever form that may be. You have to acknowledge that even though whatever it may be, that is now gone, saw something great in you + decided to “Stop by”. To pass your way along their journey. Just show forth your gratefulness for it’s time in being with you, then release it and let it go.

Angelic Channeling: Prepare for a new course in your life, a new path has been generated for you to take, as though the winds of fate have decided that finally you are ready to take the step within destiny’s alignment with your purpose or calling.

Look forward to unique openings and beginnings to do with what is most suitable for you as a person + spirit having a human experience. Dream extremely big, you’ve found the light at the end of the tunnel. You have overcome something or a phase in your life. It only looks better from here.

Intuitive Conclusion: While this journey may be so different at first sight, you will soon elevate again + again. Although looking back on the “city” you have left behind, may not necessarily turn you into a pillar of salt. There is no reason to do so, when there is so much that will begin to captivate your vision moving forward. Applause.

As things go more smoothly do not think that things are happening too soon or too quickly, remember where you started from + never forget where you are destined to go. Higher + Higher now.

Surrounding symbols will clarify the specific meaning according to your own path. IE: Mirrors would signify, full illumination. Moons, equals change in the way one thinks. Etc. Clear the way, as the way has been cleared for you, in other words, nothing has to be complicated. DON’T build lessons for yourself, the steps ahead come with their own challenges.

Psychic Note: Simply reading this article is prediction that this course is due to you some time now or in the not so distant future.



Quornesha S.

All rights reserved. ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly with all due respect!

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