Six Reasons It is Okay to Be Abnormal

  1. You have just completed a transition + you’re getting the sense of your new + awakened path towards your higher human experience.
  2. People really are what you expect them to be, + you are guided to keep a safe distance in regards to your spirituality + personal well being.
  3. Today may be the day you need to be distant from the world itself or entirely to take a break from your norm.
  4. You’re excited about upcoming changes + are anxious to see what is set to come about.
  5. You are concerned about a question in particular, you shouldn’t worry or concentrate upon what is in front of you as to lose sight of your present priorities.
  6. It is time to let go of a situation that perhaps you may be clinging to out of fear. To which you need to sit aside some quiet time for higher help + to receive some answers to what you may have been procrastinating about. Let go of any fear.

If you begin to analyze the situation for what it is, it separates the soul from it so that you will be able to see, think, feel or sense more clearly. Going through a transition creates abnormality. You should be fine when it is done. Consider this a moon phase for your spirit in particular. Although with hidsight you will be able to clarify + find those who relate to what you have experienced.

Reiki Is a great conduit to assist with any trials to convert it into triumph.

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Thanks for sharing so Kindly with all due respect.

xoxo Quornesha,

The Supernatural Healer

All rights reserved.

Tapping may assist, the method to use is Normal + Natural™ It is natural + Normal for me to receive good deposits into my spirit. Etc. ©

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