Confirmation Number 27/Angel Number 27

Internal Wisdom: Twenty-Seven is symbolic as a peak in the climb. Symbolising one whose path now resembles spirituality + purpose in the same setting. Sometimes you love yet do not receive the same in return, Twenty-Seven is in resonance with the number nine and it’s meanings. When you have reached this peak you will look back upon your paths and their lessons + acknowledge your efforts and be able to move on from them.

It is important that when the number 27 Appears to you in dreams, visions, waking life, photographs or repeatedly in formats unique to you….for you to see your perspective, fatten/widen your horizons.

The Number Twenty Seven is symbolic for arrival, the ending of a transitional period and a period of rest for hard work + effort. It is also a number that denotes travel. Moving clearly forward after much difficulty and straining. During this time you may have a winning streak, just keep moving forward. You must acknowledge that this is not the end of all change, only THAT one. Blue is indicated, which signifies doing that which is “impossible”.

You must note that it has been a while and long time coming, you have arrived. Where you usually stood is no longer a resource available in the direction you are heading. It was only meant to carry you here. You may find that as you rise many ships that may have sailed this way are parting also.

Water travel may also be available now! Overflowing with gratitude. Congratulations.

Angelic Channeling: Angels ask you to see through their perspective, they are applauding you, and they can now travel with you where you have longed to go. You faced the karmic issues like a true warrior + virtue. This chapter of your life may even be placed in a sacred book in the heavens you a  master overcomer. Feathers are signs that angels are with you. You can exhale now. You are here.

Intuitive Conclusion: Always pat yourself on the back and applaud all of your efforts from this moment forward. Never ever do the work of others. Simply put, when it isn’t your argument or disagreement do not involve yourself out of fear you may seem disloyal to others. You may find that you not only have to face your difficulties but those of others.


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Quornesha S.

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16 thoughts on “Confirmation Number 27/Angel Number 27

  1. Your article gave me such reasurring warming chills and rolling tears of relief i thank you from the pits of my mind spirit heart and soul for all your ever so accurate feed back … BLESS YOU ALL FOR SHARING SUCH AFFIRMATIONS FOR THE ALL THE WORLD TO SEE AND BELIEVE … XOXO ALL MY LOVE AND SEASONS GREETING …


  2. Quornesha,

    This is the second time I have been led to your page. You are very blessed in your lightworking abilities. Your message was inspiring and everything I needed to hear.

    Thank you,


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kristine. Thank you so much for your positive feedback. Know that more articles and resources are on the way. I am glad that the messages were received so well on your end.
      Blessings to you and I,
      Quornesha S. ♥♥♥


  3. Wow, fist I started seeing 11 since 2008 and ever since a few months ago I’ve been seeing 11,22,33,44,55,77,88,99,and all those angel numbers.It’s amazing to know this same number 27, which is the day I was born on in May, has been appearing everywhere now for
    The past two weeks now. I see it on the clock, liscence plates and other odd places. I truly thank you for sharing this information as my clairvoyance has allowed me to know that this number indeed is the conclusion to my “karmic lessons”. I receive all that is for me and I am
    Blessed now and forevermore!!!! Thanks


  4. I have been guided to your page twice in the past week and find your channelings to be incredibly beautiful and they resonate with me in a deep way. Thank you for all of the work that you do, you are truly gifted


  5. Hello Quornesha,

    I love your page. Thank you so much for opening these channels for all of us. What would it mean if this number were doubled, say 2727, instead of just 27?

    Warm regards.


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