Sheep Symbolic Meaning

Happy New Year of the Sheep, as we enter  into this phase in the Millennium change is of the utmost importance. If you have not already committed to doing so according to the steps along your path then this is a time where you will make many shifts + upheaval. If you are already doing so, you may go through a series of tests so that you will be in Divine position. [The Right Place + Right time].

Seeing the sheep in dreams, waking life, pictures, meditation, visions, depicts a new peaceful beginning that is on the Horizon, you are on this path, stay in resonance with it.

The more you focus on yesterday the more you feel you have left behind undone. It is time to be of leadership to others + yourself. To teach. Do not fear any lessons or phases that leave your life at this time. In the new year.

The sheep is symbolic of using your power to light the way for humanity, is also symbolic with the colors yellow + purple. The year ahead is that of Divine. Be sure to use colors around you that seem to illuminate the way or area/space.

The eye of Sirius plays a very important role this year. You’ll have to put your eyes + ears towards the wisdom both intuitively + literally.

As sheep are symbolic for peace + calm. You can look forward to, if your personality is that of a calm nature, to the Sheep Benefiting you. Stay close together with those you have chosen as your family. Sheep are also symbolic to you commanding your presence + peace. As they will be sure to follow your lead, light the way. Sheep are symbolic for listeners, + those finding peace with a path/belief or situation. The Sheep asks you to peacefully release the old way. There isn’t really one way, but plenty. In fact you can enter at your own pace yet you must arrive on time, lest you miss the opportunity time offers to you.

Sheep asks you to keep your peace. To broaden the horizons, take leadership to that which is already in front of you. Set free what never actually belongs to you. Angels ask you to let go.

Realigning the chakras may be of benefit. You must be able to command when things go + when they must end. It is within you now. Blessed be the name of Divine.

With love + light & Fire, 

The Supernatural Healer-Quornesha Anauel Virgo 

Thanks for sharing so kindly + With all due respect to the Author

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xoxo 88

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