Symbolic meaning of the letter E

Internal Wisdom: The letter E is symbolic for The weight of the world + being on top of the world. It is up to you to decide how you will experience this journey when the letter E appears to you. The Letter E can be of great significance to EGO, Earth, Eco-system, everlasting, evolution, Emergence, elimination, empowerment, epiphany.

If you know that your ego is a big portion of your personality it is time to set it aside, there are ways to be confident without being egotistical + stubborn. As the steps ahead require that you step outside of the box + change some things in humanity + within yourself. We can never lead correctly if the ego is overtaking love in our heart + upbringing walls + obstacles so that no other belief but it’s own can reside.

As a mother or mother figure it is important that we have faith life itself will work itself out in miraculous ways.  As Divine beings we do not have to live our lives in ways that are wrathful. Ascend your soul a little higher. LET IT GO. As things move on, allow it. Resistance keeps you where you are + you are asked “is your choice to move ahead or do you wish to repeat the cycle?” Let it end. Everything must run  it’s own course + when it is time to leave it will go.

We are not developed to cling to anything, that is ego + the desire to feel needed. There is much work to do. Think of each work that needs to be completed as an assignment. If you should fail an assignment, this assignment will not repeat itself in the same way, it is because you will learn from it + move on. When you succeed there are plenty of rewards to reap from it.

Angelic Channeling: Harmony is depicted from harm, harm-o-ny. As a traveler & you are noted of the letter E the Universe + higher powers are asking you that this is your purpose to learn through traveling. Open your mind, + focus your eyes. We each have our own way to walk our Divine paths. And although one path may lead to another, see the good in your world.

Intuitive Conclusion: E asks us to step out of the box + lay down the ego + step into our hearts the source of our soul/spirit.

With Love + Light & Fire,

The Supernatural Healer-Quornesha Anauel Virgo

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Thanks for sharing so kindly & with all due respect to the author.

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