Symbolic Meaning of the Letter B

The Letter B is symbolic for connections, wealth, and being able to spread your wisdom, knowledge and expertise to the masses, associated with your cause. B can also be symbolic for Billion, Billionaire, Being, Benevolence, Bravery, Beauty, Brain. B is also related to the number 8 As it has similar features.

If you do public speaking or any sort of contributions in the world. SEE YOURSELF HIGHLY FAVORED. That’s how the Heavens/Universe Sees you. Sometimes Giving is the best you can do. Wealth is in your giving. Sometimes when you receive it is because you lack, but what you have most of. You give of it. No matter what it is, if you have time or something to give, you’re rich.

Money is material you can’t exchange it for love, you can’t exchange your home for connection, you can’t exchange money for intelligence/common sense. Money is a tool. You use it to keep your home life happy, you use it to keep your car running. You even use it to keep the lights on in your home. It is vital and necessary. But you can’t do without love and have money.

B is confirmation to keep your thoughts in alignment with love and your intentions with money will be the same. Love produces love, and when Love is together it produces a Miracle. Don’t look down on others due to their lack of experience, or position. You were there once also. You have to start somewhere. Don’t be afraid to apply yourself.

B appearing in photography or repeatedly in a prophecy is confirmation that Help is on the way. But if you take advantage in a negative way or misuse it. It will quickly dissipate. You have to show some respect for your wealth. Show some respect for the people helping you. SINCERELY.

It’s time to shine!

Jade Trees/ The Letter S/ The Letter B/ The Number 8, The Emperor Jade/ Jade Beads/Stones/ Are all auspicious for wealth in Feng Shui.

It starts with the desire to shift our thoughts, the tools will only do the motivating and empowering.

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo 

All rights reserved

Thanks for sharing so kindly and with all due respect to the author.

4 Prophetic Sessions & Healing

xoxo 88

7 thoughts on “Symbolic Meaning of the Letter B

  1. We shall see. Started seeing the letter B as of late. Just having a hard time figuring out what it could mean to me. it looks as though it may be a reaffirming of the repeating numbers I have been seeing, but still, I shall see.


  2. THANK goodness for this offering! I got a strong, very clear signal about the letter B today, and was looking for some assistance, because I had no idea what to do … my name also starts with a B… I believe the part about sharing knowledge was either being encouraged or urged? But I will read a few times to ensure I understood it all.

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