Symbolic Meaning Of The Letter A

A is symbolic for ascension, Awakening, ascendant, the ascending, the alpha, the beginning of something. Something or someone whose singular. A in Logos may signify renewal, or healing of some kind. (Sole Proprietorship). In regards to a spiritual journey, the Letter A is symbolic for transition. A new period or phase.

If it is so that you have experienced a crisis or storm in your life the letter A is confirmation that it’s up from here. Things will begin to feel more light and less strained. It is possible that with the letter A and the new beginning that you are to write of your lessons, speak or help others in some form.

From these lessons you may have discovered that you have a choice and the ability to create your future. Whatever situation you may have been faced with know that you were there because you chose those lessons. Now that you understand the law of choice (deciding for yourself) it will be so much easier for you to move on.

Please know, that even though others can help us, we are not helpless. We have a choice. That’s our ultimate power. Be cautious with attaching yourself with those who are cynical or judgemental. It’s very important to CHECK ALL GROUPS or causes before joining them. Use your discernment, when something looks troubling to your spirit it probably is. You’ve got to listen. A reveals itself to help you make the right choices for later on. You reap what you sow. As so a thought or thought pattern is sent out, it’s being amplified and returning to it’s sender. It always does, because that is the law of Karma, it must return to the person who first gave it, thought it, done it or said it.

What you do in the world is recited in your world until you find a way to release yourself and send it in a way that is of love and not hate. Depending upon your journey you may see a variant of feather colors. Pay attention to them as each design or color has a unique significance.

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo 

Thanks for sharing so Kindly & with all due respect to the Author.

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4 Prophetic Sessions & Healing

xoxo 88

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