Angel-Confirmation Number 771

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant + Egyptian Healer: The angel number 771 is a reminder and confirmation that you are truly powerful. There are angels all around you. The angels remind you to leave your past spiritual experiences behind you. As you are go through spiritual transitions your authenticity gets reformed and your new light shines.

It is a powerful time to send out your intentions in the universe. The Number 771 is a request to give up constraints, restraints or situations that no longer resonate with you. It is now a viable time to step into your next best self. Your life will flow according to that which is good. It is up to you to leave your past behind or beneath you.

Your present is as important as your future. It is now time to do things that resonate with your own way of doing things. It is now time to surrender challenges that no longer suit you or reflect your values or morality. It is time to incorporate your beliefs with who you are in a more empowering way. Expect the flow of positive and abundant changes.

Know that your home life will shift in positive positions at this time. Your life and happenings will express your beliefs and who you are in every aspect. Be open to upheaval. As all things change for the better in your life. You will appear more calm and be more at peace during this time. It is an auspicious time to adopt a sense of humor.

Right now set out and send positive vibrations into the universe. Every negative reaction sends out vibrations and ions of energy into the universe. Every positive intention you make sends out positive intentions into the universe. Know that whatever you affirm the universe is pulling things together so that you can receive exactly or close to what you are asking for.

It is time to go out and see the world as you choose. Stepping out of your comfort zone means to stand in the power and duality of your morality and values, while stretching beyond what and where you feel limited or constrained.

Know that there will be new material possessions to be attained in your life. Know that you do not have to reflect the actions of others in order to come from a place of understanding and compassion. Always be yourself in all that you do. Think with your own thoughts and use your own abilities to counter any negative (doing things that do not serve you) thing that tries to persuade you. You are also persuasive and it is now time to put your power to work in your life in every way in order to lead your environment.

Our environments do not put themselves together. We must place them in order, rearrange things in our favor. It is now time to get rid of anything, any constraint or anyone, who you may allow to bring your energies down in any way. This change may come about through shifts of perspectives in that which is negative. You do not have to speak of your problems or concerns in order to suit anyone, anything or fit in. If  you consider yourself circular, do not force yourself to be square. If you consider yourself spiritual do not force yourself to be worldly, If you consider yourself to be a homebody, do not force yourself to be outgoing. You are who you are for a specific and special reason. Be that person you are within.

7+7+1= 15 & 1+5=6 Know that you are who you because you were designed by the creator to exist in this way or manner. You are a unique expression of God or the Christ Mind. A perfect puzzle piece. Do not try to reshape who you are for ‘outskirt’ reasons.

Affirm: I am who I am for a specific and Divine reason, and I am who I am without the need to conform. I exist powerfully in the Universe, shining, in my own Unique way.

Stay focused on your own big dreams!

Also see the number 6


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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Decoding The Quote “Dream Big”

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: When seeing the Quote Dream big, in your visions, waking life, synchronicity, or otherwise. It is a message that there are positive changes on the horizon. You are working in the vibration and alignment of your purpose and that of your highest self, or ordeal.

You have reached a breakthrough of some sort. As cheesy as it may seem/sound, it is very important for you to continue to believe in your abilities or yourself. Your abilities may include, what you do in the world. And the light you shine in it.

Dream Big is a message for us to see our dreams evolving and growing. To elevate our vision for where we are trying to go. Something positive and beautiful is on the way into our lives when we are shown the phrase/quote ‘dream big’. It is also an omen that we have completed a phase in our lives.

It is of importance to write/speak your dreams into reality. It is a most auspicious time to let go of judgments about yourself and judgments from others about yourself. Do not carry stale frequencies with you. Keep your aura bright by focusing on the positives within yourself and in your efforts.

Dream Big Teaches us to be luminaries of/for our generation and A Light to the next. To act and speak in resonance and response to our dreams. To see the bigger picture and to see outside and beyond our present intentions.

Do not give power to what you think you cannot do. At this time, you are being supported. Give up old thoughts of how it’s impossible for you to achieve a dream or goal. Stick with what you know. Create a vision and stick with your vision. Truth can easily be misinterpreted as a lie, when we are unwilling to stay with what we believe. Do not limit yourself or constrain to the situations of where you are at present. Change your dream, only when you have achieved it. And do not fear making changes, when and where you need to, or when you feel that it is time to do so.

Know that everything you desire is possible, especially when Divine has allowed and supplied you to do so. Work in the vibration of your abilities and for what it really is and you will see yourself and your goals blossom on levels you were not expecting.

Put in the active steps or measures to your visions. Remember to knock on doors, when you intend on behalf of your purpose, you are destined to breakthrough to success on a level, even if it isn’t the end goal. Always work in alignment of your strengths and accept your weaknesses as opportunity to learn and strengthen them.

Be open and receptive to the small blessings that you feel, lead you to your dream or goal. As often, blessings come in small packages, as tests of your faith for your big dream. Know that before you can fly, you must walk. Before you sprint you must prepare, before you can soar you must spread your wings. Before you can exhale, you must inhale. So do not fear starting from within or where you are. All is possible right now, So, dream Big!

Quornesha S. Power questions?™

  • What is your Dream Big goal & What way are you willing and ready to achieve it?
  • Right Now, do you truly believe that it is possible?
  • What are some blocks hindering you right now?


Quornesha S. 

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.  

Lapis Lazuli To Boost Self Belief 

Scalar Pendant to Transfer Negative Ions In Your Body

The Color Yellow Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Seeing the color yellow in your waking life,  in paintings, dreams, through synchronicity (frequently), or the desire to use or wear this color. Is symbolic for illumination. Where things seemed confused and lacked clarity will now be made more aware and prevalent.

Yellow is symbolic for brighter days being ahead. The captivation of success, victory, renewal, new beginnings, new horizons, breakthroughs, the light, illuminating, shining through the darkness, the light at the end of the tunnel, speaking up, having a voice, being heard, creative expression, love overflowing, abundance, harvest.

Obviously the color is symbolic of receptiveness and being open for blessings.

If you have been awaiting an answer to any question, whether that answer be no or yes, you will press on and move forward at this time. You’ll find yourself easily setting boundaries and letting go so that you may move on from stale and out-dated situations.

You have surpassed something on an emotional level. Which means you’re in control of your vibration in every way possible. However, dull yellows, are signs of depletion of your energy and time. Keep no company with fools. Hold your intelligence in mind. You know how to stand your ground when necessary and when to offer serenity for the things you cannot change.

You’ll begin to move beyond wishful thinking and focus your intentions on fruition + total stability for your future. Now is not the time to pause in your tracks. As you’ll have rest along the way. As long as you work hard, you’ll play hard also.

Prophecy: Remember to let go of things that are not for you. Anything that seems unshakable, know that it too has it’s weakness, especially when it comes as an obstacle to seeing your dreams through to the finish line. Begin your projects NOW. The sun is shining at it’s most brilliance now.

If you feel you lack a voice in any project you are undertaking through partnership, now is the time to speak up. Let your voice be heard. Remember, just because we love, give or forgive does not mean all things will be la-li-la-la for us. It only means peace is within us and we’re mature enough to let go.

Intuitive Conclusion: Your light shines the most right now. Continue in this vein and it will get even brighter. Support is on the way! Although you’re confident in your ideas, open up to the help that is coming your way. As that is an act of being grateful, be thankful and you’ll have so much more to be grateful for along the way as things unfold further.

Never dull your shine, it is your moment.

Yellow is also associated with the number 3, 33, 13, 4 etc + The Solar Plexus, The third Chakra!

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Ask in Love

Questions are signs that you lack gratitude… & If you never ask questions about your path,  you are lost already. You must come from a reasonable place…in your heart. You cannot wrong the universe if you ask in love.

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26 Days of Breakthroughs: Self Acceptance And Love

Self love… Many have come to speak about it around the world. Never in my perspective or opinion deeply describing what it actually means to love yourself. (Not saying mines is better, just that Never has anyone truly engineered it’s meaning, which is ironic (Self love, see it for yourself etc.) In a relationship you can repeat time after time saying I love you to  a significant other & the words be as hollow as a log. It’s not actually about saying you love yourself but action, applying your love. Expressing your love to yourself. Buying the rose or roses, and actually admiring them as though someone else bought them for you.

Self love from my belief & perspective, is about accepting not only the signs from or through yourself but from others. It’s about being receptive to love. Self love is also not allowing others to push aside your wisdom or personal beliefs for the benefit of placing theirs on a shelf or display where yours belong. If it’s not a give & receive situation, it may be time to bail for those who can lift you also. You will need it, & to me that is what it means to love yourself.

To love yourself, introduce & include yourself in the blessings that you give. I love saying I bless you & I, I bless the world & I bless myself. I bless my family & Myself. I bless my work & what I receive to benefit myself also.

What a vibration of love will never do: It will never NOT allow you to show what you CAN do. When you are not allowed that is a vibration & frequency of one’s ego. It’s up to us to shake off those people, their unkindness & just keep moving beyond those frequencies of ego & into a frequency of love. Pushing our beliefs on others instead of supporting them from their own is an aspect of the ego. You have to start somewhere. Not everyone who gets the job done has the education or training or experience even though they know how to do it. ALLOW THEM TO SHOW YOU!

What A Vibration of love will Always do: It will trust the people around it. Because you are now in a vibration of love, you allow the person showing the space to create some self worth within themselves. As long as you point it out all the time or criticize & refute it, it cannot burst with growth. You plant, water & have faith that it’s going to grow. IT WILL GROW, SO LET IT GO.

When you think of how others could/might judge you that is not a vibration of love. You add to the collective what you think of. Before you inhale other people’s opinions’ of yourself, check your vibrations. Don’t carry in your heart these emotions. Forgive, transmute & release.

No one has to be or practice non-judgement.  Write a new normal list. This list is a confidence builder & will allow you to shine a new light throughout your life, spirit & earthly body. You are releasing what no longer serves as a vital purpose in your life.


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Symbolic Meaning of the Letter B

The Letter B is symbolic for connections, wealth, and being able to spread your wisdom, knowledge and expertise to the masses, associated with your cause. B can also be symbolic for Billion, Billionaire, Being, Benevolence, Bravery, Beauty, Brain. B is also related to the number 8 As it has similar features.

If you do public speaking or any sort of contributions in the world. SEE YOURSELF HIGHLY FAVORED. That’s how the Heavens/Universe Sees you. Sometimes Giving is the best you can do. Wealth is in your giving. Sometimes when you receive it is because you lack, but what you have most of. You give of it. No matter what it is, if you have time or something to give, you’re rich.

Money is material you can’t exchange it for love, you can’t exchange your home for connection, you can’t exchange money for intelligence/common sense. Money is a tool. You use it to keep your home life happy, you use it to keep your car running. You even use it to keep the lights on in your home. It is vital and necessary. But you can’t do without love and have money.

B is confirmation to keep your thoughts in alignment with love and your intentions with money will be the same. Love produces love, and when Love is together it produces a Miracle. Don’t look down on others due to their lack of experience, or position. You were there once also. You have to start somewhere. Don’t be afraid to apply yourself.

B appearing in photography or repeatedly in a prophecy is confirmation that Help is on the way. But if you take advantage in a negative way or misuse it. It will quickly dissipate. You have to show some respect for your wealth. Show some respect for the people helping you. SINCERELY.

It’s time to shine!

Jade Trees/ The Letter S/ The Letter B/ The Number 8, The Emperor Jade/ Jade Beads/Stones/ Are all auspicious for wealth in Feng Shui.

It starts with the desire to shift our thoughts, the tools will only do the motivating and empowering.

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