Love Notes: Relationships

You deserve someone not only willing to ask you of your patience, but whose also willing to give it. Someone who not only asks you to be more loving but someone whose also willing to love. Someone whose not only requesting an abundance of your energy but someone whose willing to match it. WILLINGNESS, that’s key. You need someone whose not only willing to change but will be there for you through your own. Anyone can have the biggest heart and their mind not be in the right place. Have the most genius mind and heart be lost. Ask Divine for a wholesome relationship. You need someone whose willing to be there for you when things aren’t their best. But what if that Divine person shows up broken. Are you willing to fix it so that it can become YOUR BEST?

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo 

All rights reserved

4 Prophetic Sessions

Thanks for sharing so kindly and with all due respect to the author!


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