Angel Number 21/ Confirmation Number 21

Angel number 21 Confirms a new beginning, a transition that results in renewal, balance & harmony. Take this journey ahead as you choose as the results will be a reflection of what you have worked on within it. At the end of it, had you not contributed something towards your truth, the spirit, your spirituality. That is what you will receive.

It’s important that through transitions that you begin to see the world through your own eyes. Not through the lens of others or through what you have been taught to believe about people, the world or yourself, even God.

During transitional periods, it’s about you coming forward, not your past, your childhood or the thoughts you thought you should think based on what you have been taught to believe. It’s also important that if you feel you must corner yourself or ward off any group of people. Check within, check yourself, check your thoughts, check your direction.

It’s important that you speak the prophecy of your true self daily. The words about yourself are manifesting your today, your tomorrows, your next moment. True balance and harmony is from within, if you can take that inner power and illuminate all of yourself for the world to see, you’ll notice that true illumination is to be open to give & receive.

When you are unwilling to unpack yourself and show it the world, the world itself will honor your desire to stay within your means. That is the intention of free will. You won’t be pushed further than you want to go, or any lower than you want to reach.

As you unfold the renewal of yourself, or the rebirth, always walk in the alignment of it. Never sway away from yourself due to outward fears, beliefs or thought patterns. The golden road is within you. Not on the outside of you.

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo

Thanks for sharing so kindly and with all due respect to the author. 

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