Symbolic Meaning of The Blue Whale

Channeled by Quornesha S.: Egyptian Healer & Medium: The blue whale is symbolic for plenty, having more than enough. Never lacking anything regardless of knowing or not knowing of how the need or desire is supplied. Whales are symbolic for the healing. It is symbolic for incessant energy, those who have an abundance of wisdom are in relation to that of the size and capacity of the whale.

Whales are symbolic for fame and celebrity due to their distinctiveness and originality. Their uniqueness draws others towards their rarity. Whales are known for many great qualities and have been known to be many ancient stories including those which are biblical.

It is so important to think of ourselves for who we are. When the whale appears in your meditations, flashes, and photos or paintings know that you will always have plenty. That your spiritual path will always provide what is necessary for you. Whales are in relation to the humanitarian. The givers. Those who contribute to the world. Without others ever knowing how they just know or how do they give so much and still have so much more.

Whales are leaders. As a spirit animal, open yourself up for healing as much as you give.As There is a time to heal and a time to be healed. It’s so important to not keep a wall so built up that the heart becomes depleted but the wall so strong. When you exclude yourself from the outside world you won’t ever learn to stand in battle. You can allow yourself to trust the chauffeur, without giving him the keys to the mansion.

There is plenty, you will never lack anything as long as you are receptive to the inflow. You may be great with the outflow but be excellent in the inflow also. There is plenty to receive. You can afford to receive. Your spirit has the space in it to receive. Everything should increase now. As long as your thoughts remain at their highest and even when they are low, they divert to a greater and higher non-judgemental capacity.

Have compassion, empathy, love and all the goodness that you are. You can afford it. You have the capacity. See your size. It’s so plentiful The wisdom within you. You are what you attract and so when you’re willing to see your truth, the capacity of you. So shall you receive. There is plenty. You’re not taking from anyone without permission, because once you allow your abundance to be in the world as it was meant to be. You receive also.

Simply seeing the tail of the whale *prevalent* is a message that you are coming to the end or conclusion of constraints although you may not see them as so as of right now. You will experience a convergence and realize that all things have taken place for a very special purpose or reason. Do not worry or fear as you are protected from all harm or spiritual threat. You are to realize that your life is being empowered. Divine source wishes for you to know and acknowledge that, all is well. You will see…you shall see. It’s all working to your favor and there is nothing to concern yourself with at this point in your life.

You are offered the encouragement to keep moving forward. Continue to direct your thoughts to heaven. The angels and spirits are listening. You are safe, your path is safe, and you are breaking through with the message of the blue whale, entering your life in any way.

These situations or constraints are taking place for a very good reason and their meaning or purpose will become known with hindsight.

Your prayers are heard and you can assure that things are passing away from your life at this time. Hearing the sound of a blue whale in your dreams, waking life or synchronicity is YOUR Sign…If you’ve asked for one. It is the light at the end of the tunnel. You can rest assured that love blossoms/blooms into your life at this time. From within you…And it will exude on the outside of you.

You will begin to receive all that you require and need along your path. Let go of all these  restraints moving forward, with a sense of humor.


xoxo Quornesha S.

All rights reserved ©

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Thanks for sharing so kindly & With all due respect to the author. 

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