Looking Within

Look within when the negative thoughts arise. What are you not doing for yourself? When you have unloving thoughts about others look within also. But this time to console, comfort and to let yourself know. You deserve what you are receiving.

When the thoughts bully you, ask yourself, Do I respect myself enough to believe in me? Raise the level of respect you have for you.

Create an [I love How I] Gratitude list.

  • I love how I am always willing to share
  • I love how I am always open to change
  • I love how I am always open to release what doesn’t honor and love me
  • I love how I am open to love, I feel love, I am love

Non-Judgement is key to success. Keep in mind that you are rising above whatever diagnosis you have received. You have the power of disconnect. To release what does not honor or love the soul.

You must intentionally have an eye and heart to love yourself. Only you know the full capacity of this need. You can build a wall and it be higher than the capacity of the heart. The wall will never serve you. Unless you fill up your heart first.

When you love you and others do too.It begins to overflow and you have more than enough. When you do not, there’s a hole, a lack, a key element missing from you. You deserve to love you. Fill yourself up!

Even guilt is an act of hate towards the self. Eradicate it, and replace it with love.

Guilt is simply lack of confidence, appearing in a costume. Stick with your decisions and move on. It’s okay to be relaxed and at peace. Create a loving space in your mind just for you. Don’t be so hard on yourself. YOU don’t need to toil, or beat yourself up and work excessively to have joy and peace. It starts with you.

Love is inside of you, it’s your key to success.

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo 

All rights reserved

Thanks for sharing so kindly and with all due respect to the author. 

4 Prophetic Healing and Sessions. 

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