Angel Number 19/ Confirmation Number 19

Nineteen appears as confirmation of purpose and prophecy. What were you called here to do? Whatever your present actions are they reflect this higher calling. You are being called by specific ancestors and ascended masters to fulfill your mission in the earthly plane.

Only you hold the ultimate power of the keys to your destiny it is always unlocked by your actions which are in alignment with your reason for re-incarnation or carnation. What may seem crazy or weird to others is actually a challenge for you to overlook and not judge yourself or those who may not fully understand.

Your purpose is a role or shoes only you can fill. Express gratitude and love for your positive blessings. Don’t judge the negativity. That’s not your journey or path. Stay focused on your own purpose as there is so much to do and take care of. Everything is supplied abundantly when you commit to doing the will, or following according to the blueprint of the reason why you are here.

When someone calls or knocks on the door and you allow them entry into your home, you’ve welcomed them and their energy into your life. Just as purpose, we either answer the door or deny it entry for later. Although you have free will the more you delay your purpose due to fear of obstacles the more it will seem to deal with later on.

Obstacles and opposition are not designed for you to resist and turn around. Welcome, there is a change that results in your allowing of what is happening to you. You welcome people and have no idea of what their true intentions are. That’s call trust. SO trust that your purpose serves a great good that only you can fill and open your heart and soul up to it.

You can’t have love with a closed or pinned up heart. You must be willing to risk getting hurt. You must be willing to risk failing it’s not always going to be yes or no. It’s not always going to be blue skies and rainbows. Sometimes there is trial before triumph. Hate before love. And discontent before confidence. You’ve got to believe in your assignment. It’s waiting for you. It starts with you. Fulfill the prophecy. Cross the bridge and build one.

1+9=10 And 1+0=1 This number suggests that there will be changes that you lead you toward what your purpose is and you are being guided to pay attention at this time. As Messages that come about at this time, require the agility to complete and follow through with the the upcoming transitions. Be receptive and aware.

Quornesha S.

Private Consultations

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3 thoughts on “Angel Number 19/ Confirmation Number 19

  1. Hi Quornesha! I just want to drop a thank you for your insights. I keep checking for angel number meanings everywhere and your thoughts resonate the most.

    Blessed be,


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