We Need A Resolution

Your resolutions are the things you are praying, affirming and singing about. If the song you’re singing says you get a little more of him. Get it. Stick to what you are resolving again and again.

Your resolutions aren’t what you put down on a piece of paper. It’s not what you say you’re going to do. It’s what you’re singing about. Sing a different story!

We do what we think about, sing about and affirm about. It’s time to see yourself differently. You’re not taking from anyone or anything if you have put your efforts towards it. Change the song you’ve been singing again and again. YOU WILL DO, what you think about, affirm about and sing about.

We write our futures with the songs we put in our minds, our thoughts, and our vocals.

I am grateful that my words and my tune is in alignment with what I do want.

Life is bringing me incredible opportunities that I feel good about receiving. I feel so receptive, I am receptive. I feel so grateful, I am grateful. I feel so happy now. I am happy now.

Behold I am a new person, I live in a renewed, abundant and changed mind. My life is getting better and better. I perform work I love. Life unfolds as I wish.

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo 

All rights reserved

4 Personal Prophetic Sessions.

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