Angel Number 18/ Confirmation Number 18

The number 18 appears as confirmation that our life is now becoming more abundant. The thing about affirmations is, we may affirm our best lives. But we must be sure to open ourselves to changing into what we hope will come our way. This is why action is so important. As you’re willing to affirm be also willing to change. To meet your highest thoughts in it’s physical form, YOURSELF.

We could affirm anything we want but when we are unwilling to change with this positive thought or thought pattern.

Briefly, you may seek abundance but you have to be willing to give it. How much of your wisdom are you willing to spare, for it to return to you in the form you need most?

The number eighteen assures that our thoughts are materializing. If what you receive is not what you would have liked. It’s time to do good karmic work. Your actions today build the staircase to your future tomorrow. If you do good things, that good is rewarded so that you will continue this way. If you do wrong, no matter how much you try to wilt it away, your lesson must be learned until you are willing to change.

The Universe is the ultimate decision maker. What we put out we receive in turn. Check your intentions. If your intentions are only to gain, try again. You must authentically give of yourself, or you risk feeling depleted and overworked. You find you have to work too hard to keep your ‘story’ together.

Also it’s important to be able to lead and listen to yourself. If you will not listen and lead yourself, you look to others to do a job you’re intended to fill.

As you listen within you gain total and complete confidence to bare your true self to others. If you’re faking it to make it. You won’t. The fake you will make it and you’d find that YOU, the real you, must turn around and try again.

Instead of wishing to meet leaders, become one.

Each day there is something to feel good about. There are people who feel good around me. There are occurances that empowers me to feel blessed and radiant. I am actually blessed by life. I feel amazing. I am expecting a miracle, my life is a production of miracles, my path is filled with positive and empowering prophecies. I am whole in my abilities. In myself and in my dreams. I am abundant and the Universe is abundant to me also. I accept the abundance I am receiving now. Life is a reflection of the abundance I share in the world. I am abundance, I feel abundant. My life is now abundant. I feel substantially commissioned for my efforts and work. I love the work I do. My work loves me. Life is so good. Life blesses me. I feel blessed and loved by life.

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo 

All rights reserved ©  

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