Spiral Symbolism

To see a spiral whether metal or other format is symbolic of anxiety, or psychological discomfort. You are asked to think more positive and to be cautious of what you produce to the world. YOU are also reminded to be authentic, genuine and original.

It’s very important to take your journey a step at a time. Not ahead of the rest and definitely not behind them, but at your personal pace. It is important to have patience and love and compassion with yourself. Hold a space in your heart as you would for others.

When you see spirals in your meditations you’re asked to refocus or re-position your intentions and thoughts as to what you wish to benefit as a result of your meditation. Set a clear intention. Also you are asked to see things in your own way and perspective without concern as to how or if others will see it as you do. (Remember not to judge)

We are all capable of originality, however the fear of rejection comes into play. But you mustn’t allow it. Believe that their is an audience for your healing, your perspective or point of view.

Choose to believe in the way you do what you do. As your originality or the search for your spiritual identity may very well lead you to finding yourself and fulfilling your destiny.

Practice living within your mind, and train and lead your thoughts to think more positively. You will reach a point where your mind and yourself will be in alignment, so work on it. Make it your goal to be, think and be more positive.

I am attracting into my mind, my heart and soul what I deserve to think about. I call to myself powerful healing from within, as I know my truest and deepest desires and needs. I smile daily. There is more to smile about daily. My life makes me feel grateful and happy. I have a sacred space, I go to my sacred space when healing is needed and I heal. Life is getting better, it isn’t as complicated as most might imagine. I attract positive people into my life. The energy in me supports me and the energy around me supports me. I am open to my angelic guides being there for me. I never feel alone.

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo 

All rights reserved ©

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