Self Love

I can’t help but think of all the movies that someone made a selfish egotistical sacrifice to please the world, but forgot about the most important person. Themselves.

This is LIFE, you can’t stop in the middle of the road and give someone what you wouldn’t have if you served it all away. It is as giving a stranger your spare tire, knowing good and well, you still have the hole left in yours. It’s just waiting for disaster to strike and pop out. It’s tired, you’re tired. Sometimes, the hero needs to sacrifice for himself. Chapters are a lot like subjects, you can’t move ahead without completing the one before it No matter how out of order it has been. And If you do, you leave a gaping hole thirsting for what was just before. The opportunity to get it right was at the next.

It’s like driving on the freeway, If you make the wrong turn You just have to keep going. There’s nothing you can do except take another route.

There are some people in 2014 you should wave goodbye to forever. And some, it’s just time to say NO. If they can’t GO, say no!

Just because it’s traditional that these people be around you, does not mean they have to absorb you. Stop making unhealthy sacrifices. Brad Pitt may look good doing that back flip, but this is LIFE. Stop turning over backwards to make it possible for anyone to ‘GET YOU’. This is your journey. Not a script. You can’t undo time to do anything over. For some of us this is our ninth life, This is it! We must make it mean the difference it was destined to make. YOU signed up for it, why not be a person of honesty and do it.

There is no point in providing a way if you do not include yourself. There is no need to make substantial sacrifices. If you cannot add yourself to the list as a beneficiary. This is not anything you should follow through. There’d be no ‘plan B’ without Y-O-U.

You’re a Trademarked possession of the most high. There’s not much anyone can duplicate about you. You got this, this is your life, your mission, ONLY YOU can complete it.

IT DOES take much boldness and clarity, honor what spirit is telling you the FIRST time.

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

All rights reserved. ©

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