Lioness Symbolism

Lioness is symbol of power and transformation. Chaotic transition. Emergence. Even though your moving forward feels painful, don’t look backward. If you’re moving away don’t resent or hold onto where you’re leaving from instead leap ahead.

Your search for spirituality of your own is coming to fruition. It takes a caterpillar to make a butterfly, and a kitten to become a cat, a Cub to be raised and one day become a leader of it’s own pack. Lion is known for stepping out of it’s comfort zone. To look beyond what is seen, and seek stable ground.

Lion’s survive independently. Even if they are mothers on their own, they will protect what is theirs. As much as the male will protect his territory and frighten those away who dare enter his grounds to mate with the same Lioness. In fact the Male is known to mate with several and is often forced from his reign by younger risers.

Don’t hold on to any situation out of fear that another door will not open up for you. When a door closes, let it be. If you have tried to get through locked doors and found that they were unresponsive to you. Move on. Find new ground. Be independent. Surrender where you have tried to go! There’s already a plan laid plainly out for you.

Simply ask Divine mind to help you become open to his Will and not your own. Take back your power. If you open your door to the stampede, surely you will become just as the ground you’ve walked on. Trying so hardly to make sense of who you are in the eyes of others. Stop your desires for external approval, and elevate yourself. You’re coming out of your shell. Don’t look back over your shoulders. Only the past lives there. Look forward beyond what you have seen. You only need one way, not many! You can do all things through him that strengthens you!

“He never closes one door, Without having another prepared to open up for you!” –

Quornesha S.

All rights reserved. ©

13 thoughts on “Lioness Symbolism

  1. Love your interpretations, Quornesha ! They get right to the heart of any matter. I wondered if you wouldn’t mind interpreting Lion symbolism ? Yesterday, I saw a Lion and a Deer, ( the deer was in a sitting position) in the clouds, ( the Lion was to the Deer’s left). Thank you! May God bless you always…..xo


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