Happy & Thriving

Channeled By Quornesha S. Intuitive Medium Healer; I don’t have some ideal life I absolutely must live out in my lifetime. Ideal friends, relationships, home or fancy-schmancy car that I would like to drive. I feel inspired by owners of farm houses, mobile homes, etc. There’s nothing wrong with having a big home, and all the lavishness that one may desire. I’m just saying those things won’t make or keep me happy.

If I showed you my dream board, which I will NOT! I believe in everything I want, but What I don’t believe is telling others what you’re going to do before it gets done.  You’ll see exactly what I am speaking about. Although I’m YET to be where I want to be in the material aspects, things like owning my home, having my own transportation as opposed to renting a vehicle half the time.

I truly understand the Gospel song that refutes the Mansion on top of the hill. For me, it’s a little bit different. I say I’d rather be happy than to treasure silver and gold. Store a home with 17 bedrooms which I may not have as many people over, nor ever use in my lifetime. Again, there’s nothing wrong with wanting this lifestyle. It’s not for me, though. And I’m taking recognition to identifying who I truly am and what I actually want, as opposed to living out some lifestyle for the sake of approval, appearance, relations or friendship.

Once Again, I don’t have some ideal social circle of friends, of colleagues etc that I must live out. At the end of the day, I know for sure that these things or supposed luxuries will not make or keep me happy. At times I just want to be away from the world and people in general. I’m very sociable although. I make well with others. But when It’s time to leave the party, per, my desire to do so. I’d rather be able to do so.

sunset-1365830_1920 (1)

What will make me happy? Only I know for sure! I’m receptive to constant, yet productive and empowering change always. Because I’m always seeking more. When I achieve success in a project or endeavor, I always seek for more. Not because I ain’t satisfied with the life I live, but because, It is the best that has happened to me YET!

So ask me if any material thing or supposed status will bring me closer to my dreams, and I will tell you no. To me, Money is energy/resource, food is energy/resource, the home you live in is energy/resource, the car you drive is energy/resource. These are necessities so that we do not have to derive our living solely dependent upon someone else. With energy, you can always detach from it. Including material possessions. We are not born super glued to the things we maintain in our lives. We are free to give them up always!

There’s nothing that has authority nor power over me to delegate or run my life according to their own expectations or ideals. I believe happiness to be living life fully, doing things that matter to me. Which is what I always do. Having the resources and energy to use those resources. Consistent working powerfully in  what I am called here to do.

My happiness is simple…to enjoy life with those I actually care about, sharing my experience with those who feel inspired by the life I live and the legacy that I am here to fulfill. Among other beautiful things. Should you be looking in from the outside, hello! To thrive and Be tremendously happy is what I aim for. My ideal of a happy life is to have a peaceful home *among other things* and to vacation to the noise as much as leave it, as I damn well, please.

Yes, I am open to my Destiny. I am open to my purpose & legacy. Which neither are mediocre nor to the alignment of what others want for themselves. In my future, EVEN RIGHT NOW, I see myself doing positive and empowering things with my prosperous and abundant resources, which brings happiness to myself and followers of my cause/legacy.

P.S I love and admire, Tiny/Medium Houses.

Blessed Be, 

Quornesha S. 

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