Angel/Confirmation Number 247

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Medium, Intuitive, Certified Life Purpose Coach, Crystal Reiki Master, Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Master, Tarot reader, fortune teller, channeler, hypnotherapy practitioner, Hoodoo priestess, Egyptian Healer/Magician and so much more| Yes, I am available for healing, rituals, and readings|  Angel number/confirmation number represents stability headed into your life. The Angels will assist you along the way in what it is you require. Put together your own ‘petitions’ and do things that resonate with your own mind & way!

At the end of the day, your own leadership must come from the inside of you as others are leading themselves. It’s just a matter of resonating with that leadership. We are capable of being in charge of our own lives. At some point, all situations, retire. Whether we choose to look at it this way or not. Whenever something must come to an end, there’s no way around it, in order to keep up with the flow and vibrations or frequency of the universe.

Do not hold onto a door or previous concern for too long. It is okay to fear changes ahead, but, you must be willing to move ahead and forward. So as to not stagnate or sabotage your own process. You can create your own fortune or misfortune. Trust and love yourself enough to walk away from  situations that no longer resonate with you. However, this is not a sign for you to disrupt that which is going well. Only let go of constraints that are holding you back and keeping you from being great. If it contributes to your greatness keep it going.

Don’t make decisions based on things that are happening around you. Whatever you consume with your eyes, ears, mind, body, mouth or soul, you become. Sooner or later. Be careful who you allow to lead your life and take everyones’ advice with a grain of salt, as the number 247 reminds you to take up your own leadership first. And you don’t need to be bogged down with perceptions that belong to others. Discover yourself first. And only then can you accept or reject what others offer. IF you don’t know yourself yet, anything may go.

The Angel/Confirmation Number 247 represents the key to you finding your own path, with 2 representing the good/bad balance, and 4 representing yourself, the spiritual being, traveling along your own journey and the providence being provided so that you can go forth, and 7 representing higher knowledge and accomplishment. You have a great deal of knowledge hidden deep within you. YOU are NOT ordinary! It is up to each individual to see themselves as they truly are. This is not your responsibility to teach others of who they are, because only they know who they want to be, same as you, only you know who you want to be, when you spiritually ‘grow up’ or evolve.

247 represents new financial order in your life. You are wise enough to lead your own way. So defer anyone who desires to lead you otherwise, do not allow others to lead your mind and life choices into captivity. But listen, listen and compromise with your spouse(s) as you are one! And whatever negative you experience,  so does the spouse, whatever positive you experience, so does the spouse…etc, etc. As you move forward in your companionship with your significant other, know that the road works both ways, not just in your own way. That world doesn’t only belong to you, it belongs to each of you and each of you deserves their fair share of happiness.

As such, make a path that resonates with your own. Don’t allow outsiders to interfere in your personal affairs and don’t accept any unsolicited positive or negative advice. So that you can maintain your own identity and refute any unwanted brainwashing or soul purging.

Your mission in life involves teaching others to lead themselves to become independent and one with those that matters most to them. Have no fear of the thoughts or opinions others may have about you. As you are loved dearly by people & those that truly matter. As anyone who may despise you does not matter. Stay humble and be willing and receptive to what others can teach you, that you are willing to learn. Education is to awaken your buried consciousness. Avoid negative people, negative situations and negative habits or thought patterns.

Know your value and worth. YOU DESERVE it! Do not allow others to manipulate and mold you into their own conceptions of who you are. You are not under anyone’s authority nor, do you wait for anyone’s approval. Acknowledge your fears/pain and follow according to your own heart and not the wishes and desires of others. Every choice you make, or have made, is because you have wanted to make them. Be sure to keep this pattern of self thought and process going. And lead yourself, so that if others do not exist or retire…you will always have your own innate resources to follow through. Don’t leave yourself alone.

2+4+7=13 1+3=4 You will go through changes and transitions which will allow and align you to fulfill remarkable aspects of your destiny, blessings will be bestowed upon you in the process.

Namaste & Ase,

Quornesha S. Lemon

Priestess Of High Order


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